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Neil Patel
Co-Founder and Publisher, The Daily Caller
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      Neil Patel

      Neil Patel is the co-founder and publisher of The Daily Caller News Foundation. He was previously chief policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Chicago politics: Wonk edition

10:40 AM 04/16/2012

Last week Chuck Blahous, a prominent policy analyst who was deputy director of the National Economic Council under President Bush, produced a report showing just how much Obamacare could increase spending and our debt. The Obama White House didn’t like it. Like a schoolyard bully who feels threatened by the smart kid in class, the White House responded with lots of attacks and few real answers.

House Republicans should either offer a balanced budget or retire

4:13 PM 03/16/2012

House Republicans are reportedly going to release their new budget next week. The big question is whether the Republican budget will be a balanced budget. For all the talk about their newfound fiscal responsibility, Washington Republicans have yet to introduce a single budget that meets the simple test of balancing over 10 years. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Is the U.S. fomenting revolution in China?

9:55 AM 05/11/2011

Does the U.S. want regime change in the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.)? That is the provocative question on the minds of some of the Chinese delegates to this week’s U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. The New York Times highlights the increasing tensions surrounding the dialogue by citing an unnamed Chinese official claiming the U.S. is “fomenting revolution” in China.

China’s money: Too dangerous for business, too tempting for government

10:28 AM 02/25/2011

The U.S. government is so concerned about China’s military and intelligence goals that it monitors and at times restricts Chinese investments in the U.S. down to even very small transactions. Yet nobody in Washington seems to be asking if selling our debt to China in amounts totaling hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars poses any long-term risk to the United States.