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Brussels Pushes Gun Control In Wake of Paris Attacks

10:35 AM 11/22/2015

On November 18, the European Commission expedited a plan to overhaul the European Union’s already restrictive gun control laws. The move comes in the immediate wake of November 13th’s terrorist shooting and bombing attacks that killed 129 in Paris, France. Just how the European Commission expects new restrictions on civilian firearm ownership to influence the behavior of suicidal violent extremists with access to explosives and military-grade ordnance, remains unclear.

20 Years And Millions Of “Assault Weapons” And “Large” Magazines Ago…

8:07 AM 11/14/2015

Twenty years ago, not long after Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) federal “assault weapon” and “large” magazine “ban” took effect, CBS 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl faced a dilemma. To help Feinstein make her case for a new ban that would cover more types of guns and more magazines, CBS would have to do something that doesn’t come naturally to gun control supporters. It would have to tell the truth.

Washington Post Reports Bloomberg Group Planned Deceptive Racially-Charged Attack Ads In Virginia State Senate Contest

10:24 AM 11/01/2015

A hallmark of NRA, and one of the reasons we garner significant support from Americans across the political spectrum, is our sole dedication to issues pertaining to the right to keep and bear arms. To be sure, there are plenty of facets to our mission (hunting, Right-to-Carry, self-defense laws), but it is all connected to the American peoples' right to possess and use arms. With this comes a measure of honesty; everyone knows just what NRA stands for. Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety on the other hand seems to think the merits of their anti-gun positions aren’t enough to win on, and in one Virginia Senate Race resorted to planning spurious attacks on their opponent that were wholly unrelated to the group's gun control mission.

Schumer Puts Military At Risk By Playing Politics With Their Sidearms

3:17 PM 10/30/2015

In 1995, Bob Dole said of Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), “[t]he most dangerous place is between him and a camera.” Last Friday, Schumer publicly announced a plan to require bidders for a $580 million Department of Defense contract to supply the U.S. Army with handguns to submit to questioning regarding efforts to push a gun control agenda. The fact is, Schumer’s attempt to subject the vital fighting equipment of our nation’s servicemen and women to petty politics is nothing more than a cynical attempt to indulge his lust for press coverage, and is a reckless and dangerous threat to the safety of our service men and women.

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Bans On America’s Most Popular Rifles And Magazines

10:14 AM 10/25/2015

If any further evidence were necessary of what’s at stake with the 2016 general election, a ruling issued last week by the U.S. District Court for the Second Circuit should provide it. The court’s opinion in New York State Rifle and Pistol Assoc., Inc., v. Cuomo largely upheld Connecticut and New York laws passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. The laws banned America’s most popular modern rifles, including the AR-15, and magazines for any firearm with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds.

Virginia: Terry McAuliffe Issues Executive Order 50 In Virginia

10:46 AM 10/19/2015

Anti-Second Amendment advocate and Hillary for President 2008 Co-Chair Terry McAuliffe issued Executive Order 50 in Virginia this morning.  Knowing that he can't get his gun control agenda through the Virginia General Assembly, Governor McAuliffe appears to be following President Obama’s model of bypassing the legislative process by using executive order.  In a plan that masquerades as a “tough on crime” proposal by parroting the National Rifle Association’s call to enforce existing laws, the Virginia Governor openly attacked law-abiding gun owners by prohibiting concealed and open carry of firearms in executive office buildings throughout the state.

Brady Campaign Labels NRA “Terrorists”

11:04 AM 10/18/2015

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has never had a firm grasp on the English language, as evidenced by the repudiation of their bizarre interpretation of the Second Amendment at the U.S. Supreme Court. However, this week, in an attempt to demonize NRA, Brady Campaign took their hyperbole to a new low, referring to the NRA as “terrorists.” That’s right; according to the Brady Campaign, the grassroots organization comprised of 5 million freedom-loving members that are dedicated to using the democratic process and legal framework to defend the constitutional rights of all Americans are “terrorists.”

Clinton Announces Massive Gun Control Plan

5:59 PM 10/16/2015

In October, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her gun control plan, promising that if she’s elected, she’ll ban some guns and impose other restrictive gun control laws, in some cases without Congress’ approval. Clinton’s plan would prohibit Americans from selling a “significant” number of privately owned guns without a license, prevent gun purchases by indefinitely delaying purchasers’ background checks, repeal the federal law that prevents gun control supporters from pursuing groundless lawsuits designed to stop gun sales by driving firearm manufacturers and dealers out of business, ban all semi-automatic shotguns and detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles (and some other categories of guns), ban the possession of firearms by people in troubled dating relationships without due process of law, and empower the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to revoke the licenses of dealers for unintentional recordkeeping errors.

San Francisco Supervisors Drive All Gun Stores From City

8:25 AM 10/05/2015

When gun controllers contend that they aren’t out to prohibit civilian access to firearms, but simply want “responsible” laws to keep guns out of the “wrong hands,” point them to the story of High Bridge Arms, a gun store operated by Japan native Masashi Takahashi in the gun control hotbed of San Francisco, Calif. Last week, employees at the 63-year-old store announced that it would be closing on October 31st as a result of the city’s continued efforts to remove lawfully held firearms from the city through intolerable regulations.  The store was founded by former NRA Board Member and Olympic shooter Bob Chow. High Bridge Arms is currently the only gun store in San Francisco.

Witless For The Prosecution: New York DA Forces Staff To Forgo Second Amendment Rights

7:21 AM 09/28/2015

Madeline Singas, Acting District Attorney for Nassau County, New York, is a hypocrite. Worse, she is willing to gamble with the lives and safety of her staff and their families for her own perceived political benefit. While claiming “a commitment to justice, compassion, and integrity” and boasting about keeping “more vulnerable people safe,” she enforces a policy of mandatory disarmament amongst the attorneys who put their own safety on the line to administer justice in her jurisdiction. On Monday, Prof. Eugene Volokh  broke the story that the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office bars prosecutors from having handguns, even at home.

Utah Supreme Court: Employees Cannot Be Fired For Self-defense

8:42 AM 09/26/2015

Threats to Second Amendment liberties come in many forms. According to the so-called “state action” doctrine, only those acting on behalf of a public entity can actually violate constitutional rights. Nevertheless, many private actors can also interfere with the fundamental right of self-defense by establishing their own antigun policies and practices. The NRA has therefore supported legislation to prevent gratuitous antigun discrimination in the private sector, including by doctors, employers, insurance companies, and businesses that offer public parking. After all, the right to keep and bear arms would not mean much if its exercise prevented law-abiding people from availing themselves of the necessities of modern life.