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SOPA is the wrong solution to any problem we might believe it would solve

10:57 PM 01/15/2012

Twin bills in the House and Senate purport to protect American copyright and trademark holders from foreign infringers, but in practice create an unprecedented system of censorship of the Internet in America. This wrong-headed approach is contained in Patrick Leahy's Senate bill 98, the PROTECT IP Act, and its counterpart: Lamar Smith's House resolution 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA.

NISO attacks security threats, not liberty and innovation

10:48 AM 12/12/2011

Collective defense is always a tough balancing act for Americans to resolve. The Soviet Union never had to worry about property rights when planning for nuclear war. Communist China will stop whatever movement necessary to preserve order at home. Even the British are ready to make any arrests deemed necessary in the event of an attack.

Carrier IQ: Privacy scare of the week

12:51 PM 12/05/2011

"Buyer beware" started out as a legal doctrine, but has turned into good advice. When purchasing wireless phone and Internet service, we should be careful about what we get. But sometimes online we go too far, and we make mountains of molehills as we light our torches and raise our pitchforks against the outrage of the week. Here's how to generate the next great phone privacy scare:

Spectrum: What it is, and why it matters

9:50 AM 11/28/2011

A common thread in a few communications policy debates today is the scarcity of spectrum in America. Whether discussing the possible merger of AT&T and T-Mobile USA, or the issues surrounding LightSquared and GPS systems, spectrum is a term that pops up repeatedly.

SOPA is a threat to American Internet leadership

11:18 AM 11/21/2011

The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) --- a bill currently before the House Judiciary Committee --- is a threat to America's ability to lead the Internet, and must be defeated before it has a chance to damage America's ability to generate jobs and economic growth online.