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Democrats Want ‘The Dude’ To Run For US Senate

Cast members Jeff Bridges and Odeya Rush pose at a press line for the movie

As they scramble to find a viable candidate to run for the U.S. Senate in Montana, some Democrats are now eying The Dude.

What Taxpayers Pay When Eric Holder Uses Government Jets For Personal Trips

10:17 PM 08/11/2014

On a pleasant Saturday this summer, Eric Holder, his daughters, their boyfriends and two security officers boarded a government-owned Gulfstream and jetted off to New York for the Belmont Stakes Thoroughbred horse race.

Chris McDaniel Aide Named In Grand Jury Subpoena

3:29 PM 08/11/2014

A grand jury in Mississippi is probing the activities of Senate candidate Chris McDaniel’s spokesman, according to a copy of a subpoena that was posted online.

Hawaii Governor Loses Democratic Primary Despite Obama Endorsement

9:10 AM 08/10/2014

President Barack Obama endorsed him, but incumbent Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie lost his Democratic primary to a challenger Saturday.

Boehner Decries Obama’s ‘Absence Of A Strategy’ In Iraq

10:15 AM 08/08/2014

Speaker of the House John Boehner on Friday said he approves of President Obama's airstrikes in Iraq, but denounced the administration for an apparent lack of a strategy to deal with the Islamic militants terrorizing the country and religious minorities.

With Lamar Alexander’s Win, Conservatives Fail To Remove A Single Incumbent Senator In 2014

9:34 PM 08/07/2014

With Sen. Lamar Alexander’s victory Thursday in Tennessee, it became official: every Republican incumbent senator running for re-election this year defeated their conservative challengers in GOP primaries.

Exclusive: Wendy Davis Cites Brutal Rape Case In First Television Ad

8:46 PM 08/07/2014

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis plans to go up with her first television ad on Friday -- a harsh 60-second spot slamming her Republican opponent for how he sided in a state Supreme Court case having to do with a brutal rape.

Democrat Drops Out Of Montana Senate Race After Plagiarism Charges

4:24 PM 08/07/2014

Democratic Sen. John Walsh said Thursday that he plans to drop out of the state’s competitive Senate race, forcing Democrats to scramble to find a replacement for November’s election.

Chris Christie To Lead Delegation To Mexico

2:36 PM 08/07/2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to lead a delegation of officials to Mexico next month, aides said Thursday.

Sparking 2016 Speculation, Paul Ryan To Embark On Book Tour

12:51 PM 08/07/2014

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee, plans to go on a cross-country book tour this month to promote his new book detailing his vision for the future of the Republican Party.

Obama Hasn’t Said Anything About The Killing Of American General

3:44 PM 08/06/2014

President Barack Obama has yet to say anything publicly about the death of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, the first American general killed in war since Vietnam.

Justin Amash Destroys Republican Opponent In Victory Speech

11:17 AM 08/06/2014

Just because Michigan Rep. Justin Amash won his primary doesn't mean he is going to say nice things about his opponent in his election night speech.

Obama’s Conservative Cousin Fails To Topple Republican Incumbent

11:03 PM 08/05/2014

Milton Wolf, the conservative radiologist who boasts of being related to President Barack Obama, lost to to incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in the Republican primary in Kansas on Tuesday.

Democratic Senator Features Little Girl In Pro-Abortion Ad

3:06 PM 08/05/2014

Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is criticizing his Republican challenger’s stance on abortion in a new ad that is sure to outrage pro-life voters.

McDaniel Campaign Wants Cochran Spokesman’s Vote Thrown Out

1:15 PM 08/05/2014

As he challenges the results of Mississippi's Republican Senate run-off, Chris McDaniel is arguing that election officials should reject the vote of Sen. Thad Cochran's press secretary.

Chris McDaniel Formally Challenges Thad Cochran’s Win In Mississippi

4:18 PM 08/04/2014

Claiming the existence of at least 15,000 questionable votes, conservative Chris McDaniel said Monday that he is formally challenging incumbent Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran’s victory in June 24’s Republican Senate primary.

Ronald Reagan’s Former Press Secretary, James Brady, Dead At 73

2:37 PM 08/04/2014

James Brady, who served as White House press secretary until wounded in a 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, died Monday after "a series of health issues," his family said. He was 73.

This Is The Last Week For Conservatives To Remove A GOP Incumbent Senator

12:58 PM 08/04/2014

They’ve spent loads of money, and, in some cases, have energized the grassroots against the so-called Republican establishment.

Obama: Attendees Of Africa Summit Will Be Screened For Ebola

4:43 PM 08/01/2014

President Obama said Friday that some attendees of next week’s summit of African countries will receive health screenings for the deadly Ebola virus.

Gillespie Criticizes Sen. Mark Warner For Taxpayer-Funded Private Planes

12:57 PM 08/01/2014

Ed Gillespie, the underdog Republican in Virginia’s U.S. Senate race, is criticizing incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Warner for using taxpayer-funded private planes to jet around the state.