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Communications expert: Television networks taking wrong course against threats

Entertainment | Parker Bunch
Television viewership has declined roughly 50 percent since 2002

Could sapphire glass become the new face of smartphones? [VIDEO]

Tech | Parker Bunch
Sapphire is already used in see-through bullet-proof armor

US should log billions of emails and text messages, experts tell Congress

Tech | Parker Bunch
'Billions of texts are sent every day, and some surely contain key evidence about criminal activity'

Obama signs Violence Against Women Act

Politics | Parker Bunch
Expands protection for women, gays, lesbians, immigrants and Native Americans

Google: FBI spying on thousands of users

Tech | Parker Bunch
FBI may file information requests without court order

Facebook to debut revamped newsfeed Thursday

Tech | Parker Bunch
Updates may include new photo and music feeds

Court documents released in former Army private's WikiLeaks trial

US | Parker Bunch
Navy SEAL informant from Pakistan may testify against Manning

Security report implicates Chinese military in US hacking

Tech | Parker Bunch
Hackers could gain access to power grids, gas lines, water supplies

GAO report: federal government not prepared for climate change, risks billions

US | Parker Bunch
Issues include outdated infrastructure and insurance policies

Will Ferrell poses as Lakers security guard, escorts Shaq from Staples Center [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Parker Bunch
The actor led the NBA legend off the court

Hackers broadcast alerts of 'zombie apocalypse' on Montana news station [VIDEO]

US | Parker Bunch
Fake broadcast cited zombies as 'extremely dangerous,' warned viewers to stay away

David Keene: UN arms treaty an attempt to 'end-run the Constitution' [VIDEO]

Ginni Thomas | Parker Bunch
David Keene: UN arms treaty an attempt to 'end-run the Constitution' [VIDEO]

Manti Te'o deletes Twitter account in preparation for NFL draft

Sports | Parker Bunch
ESPN sources say Te'o is swearing off Twitter indefinitely

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