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Communications expert: Television networks taking wrong course against threats

Parker Bunch

Major television networks are going the wrong way in trying to deal with the changing communications environment, says a media expert.

Could sapphire glass become the new face of smartphones? [VIDEO]

3:32 AM 03/22/2013

Cheaper mass-production techniques and a nearly diamond-hard surface could lead to sapphire glass replacing reinforced glass as the face of many of today's smart phones.

Experts to Congress: US law should require logs of billions of private text messages, emails

12:30 AM 03/22/2013

In a hearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee Tuesday, a panel of technology law experts called on Congress to pass legislation mandating the long-term retention of every American's text messages and emails in case of a future criminal investigation.

Obama signs Violence Against Women Act

12:51 AM 03/08/2013

President Barack Obama reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) on Thursday, saying that the law will continue to protect women from threats of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Google: FBI spying on thousands of users

8:06 PM 03/06/2013

In a Google report released Tuesday, the tech giant revealed that thousands of inquiries have been made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation into the personal information of its users.

Facebook to debut revamped newsfeed Thursday

5:43 PM 03/06/2013

Facebook will launch a new, multi-faceted newsfeed Thursday, according to TechCrunch.

Court documents released in former Army private’s WikiLeaks trial

6:19 PM 02/27/2013

For the first time Wednesday, the military released a sizable portion of court documents in the pre-trial proceedings for Army private turned WikiLeaks informant Bryan Manning.

Security report implicates Chinese military in US hacking

5:55 PM 02/19/2013

More than one hundred cyberattacks against U.S. companies have been traced back to a neighborhood near Shanghai, said a report by U.S. computer security firm Mandiant Corp. on Tuesday.

Report: federal government not prepared for climate change, risks billions

7:56 PM 02/14/2013

The federal government is not prepared for the billions of dollars in damage potentially caused by climate change and must take immediate counteractive measures, said a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on Thursday.

Will Ferrell poses as Lakers security guard, escorts Shaq from Staples Center [VIDEO]

1:21 PM 02/13/2013

Actor Will Ferrell masqueraded as a Los Angeles Lakers security guard Tuesday night, ejecting NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal to cheers and laughter from Lakers fans.

Hackers broadcast alerts of ‘zombie apocalypse’ on Montana news station [VIDEO]

3:31 PM 02/12/2013

Unidentified hackers infiltrated a Montana news station on Monday, warning viewers of an unfolding "zombie apocalypse" via emergency broadcast alerts.

David Keene: UN arms treaty an attempt to ‘end-run the Constitution’ [VIDEO]

2:37 AM 02/08/2013

United Nations debate over the international Arms Trade Treaty is set to resume in March amid a barrage of criticism.

Manti Te’o deletes Twitter account in preparation for NFL draft

11:09 AM 02/06/2013

Manti Te'o will be taking an indefinite break from Twitter to prepare for the NFL draft, according to ESPN sources.