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Pot For Pain? More Patients Are Saying Yes

Paul Armentano
Deputy Director, NORML
Marijuana-based products are displayed at the

Are patients in medical cannabis states substituting pot for potentially lethal painkillers? It appears that way.

Colorado’s pot policies provide an exit strategy for the nation

10:30 AM 01/08/2014

Despite over 70 years of federal prohibition, tens of thousands of people throughout the nation are right now purchasing marijuana. But only in Colorado are these transactions legal, regulated, and taxed. The product being marketed is of known quality and potency. The seller is not a black-market dealer; rather, he or she is a paid employee of a licensed business explicitly authorized to engage in such transactions. The profits from these transactions bring fiscal benefits to the local community, not the black-market economy.

Medical marijuana efforts soldier on without Congress’ help

2:33 PM 08/08/2013

On Thursday, August 1, Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation into law authorizing patients with a qualifying illness to legally possess and procure medical marijuana. Illinois joins 19 other states and the District of Columbia in its acknowledgement that marijuana is safe and efficacious as a therapeutic agent.

Election Day votes likely signal the end of cannabis prohibition

10:07 AM 11/07/2012

Voters in Colorado and Washington made history on Election Day. For the first time ever, a majority of voters decided at the ballot box to abolish cannabis prohibition.

Regulations, not criminal prohibition, best address concerns regarding cannabis

10:37 AM 07/25/2012

The views on marijuana legalization expressed in The Daily Caller last week by The Heritage Foundation’s Charles Stimson (“Why we shouldn’t legalize marijuana,” July 19, 2012) are woefully out of step with contemporary science and public opinion.