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Patrick Basham
Director, Democracy Institute
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      Patrick Basham

      Patrick Basham directs the Democracy Institute ( and is a Cato Institute ( adjunct scholar.

Channeling Sun Tzu: How Trump’s Foreign Policy Makes Sense

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Donald Trump does have a foreign policy strategy, and he’s rapidly unveiling its tactical instruments. Widespread criticism of Trump’s alleged lack of a grand global vision, replete with mockery of sequential ‘flip flops’ on Syria, Russia, China, and NATO, is the reflexive reaction of a confused political class, accustomed to checkers-playing American leaders being outmaneuvered by their chess-playing foreign peers.

Trump’s Right: It’s Time To Limit Congressional Terms

4:39 PM 10/19/2016

In a better world, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin would be correct about term limits. Congress already would be subject to this common-sense reform. But, it’s not. Donald Trump is therefore correct to call for a constitutional amendment to impose congressional term limits. If elected, he would seek a six-year limit for House members and a 12-year limit for senators.

A Diverse America Needs A Reality Show President

4:10 PM 08/25/2016

Snooty types roundly mock Donald Trump’s suitability for the Oval Office. Exhibit A in the elitists’ prosecution of Trump’s candidacy is his lengthy run as a hugely popular reality show star. They ask how a misogynistic, mean-spirited, racist celebrity boss, infamous for uttering the cold-hearted phrase, “You’re fired!”, could possibly lead a nation as demographically diverse as America?

Trump’s Way To Blue Collar Hearts: Through Their Stomachs

4:15 PM 06/06/2016

A recent Instagram photo of Donald Trump munching a Big Mac meal offers hope to blue collar America. With an economic defense of Joe Lunch Bucket as his campaign’s centerpiece, Trump should now defend working class folk from their cultural adversaries across the political spectrum.

Bloomberg’s unhealthy tobacco display ban

1:24 PM 03/19/2013

Public health bans often serve only to prevent legal capitalistic acts between consenting adults. But that never stops health paternalists from promoting the next ban, or the one after that.

Can Romney rescue the special relationship?

12:18 AM 10/15/2012

The transatlantic irony of the presidential election is that most Britons favor the anti-British candidate. Pew Research found 73 percent of Britons support President Obama’s re-election; only 11 percent support Mitt Romney.

Fool’s gold: British taxpayer is Olympics’ biggest loser

6:10 PM 07/27/2012

American taxpayers should breathe a retrospective sigh of relief that seven years ago New York was not chosen from among five finalists to host this summer’s Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s selection of London as the 2012 host city ensured British taxpayers are picking up the exorbitant tab for the world’s most economically dubious sporting event.