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Peter Ferrara
Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute

The Defense Department Needs To Get Its Tech Checks In Order

Earning cash from technology/Investing in technology. (Shutterstock)

If you were in charge of contracting for information technology (IT) for the Defense Department, would you be thinking there should be one IT contract for America’s entire national defense? Or would you be looking to see if the enormous responsibility could be broken down into separate, competitive contracts among America’s array of top IT innovators -- Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and Washington insider tech behemoth Amazon?

Why Tax Reform Will Lead To BOOMING Economic Growth

4:16 AM 12/01/2017

The tax reform bill now pending in Congress will be very pro-growth, like President John F. Kennedy’s tax cuts passed in the early 1960s, and the tax cuts and reform that President Ronald Reagan led in the 1980s. All of America will benefit from that soaring growth, and the long overdue end of long-term stagnation, where America has been stuck for a decade now.

Will The Swamp Flood Out Broadband For Rural America?

8:17 PM 11/23/2017

Approximately 23 million Americans mostly living in rural areas do not have access to fixed, broadband internet service in their homes. Government has provided millions in recent years to the large internet service providers and the big mobile carriers precisely to address this gap and ensure universal broadband service to everyone in America.

Democrats Would Ruin Medicare Part D With Price Controls On Drugs

9:30 PM 08/14/2017

It is easy for politicians to bash pharmaceutical companies for high drug prices and promise voters government can force those prices lower, without discussing the true consequences of such a policy. Self-described socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, 2016 candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, has introduced legislation to impose price controls on prescription drug medications.

The Ethanol Lobby Met Its Match With EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

3:07 PM 05/10/2017

The Scientific American reports that roughly 40 percent of today’s corn crop is used for ethanol made from corn, which is added to gasoline. That is more than the second largest use of corn, as feed for cattle, pigs and chickens, which consumes 36 percent of the annual corn crop. Is it wise to burn food for fuel, more than for feeding a hungry world?

Does The Fourth Amendment Apply Overseas?

11:22 AM 04/14/2017

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires the government to obtain a warrant before it can conduct a search and seizure of private property. To get a warrant, the federal government must have probable cause, which means it must have good reason to suspect the property being searched contains evidence of a crime.

Music Monopolists Target Jeff Sessions

5:16 PM 03/03/2017

Music licensing monopolists like ASCAP and BMI, which control 90% of all recorded songs and reap billion dollar annual incomes, have been trying to undermine the music licensing laws on this country’s books for years. But never before have their guns been blazing so flagrantly at a sitting public official.

Replacing Obamacare Made Easy: The Case For The Universal Health Insurance Tax Credit

9:51 AM 02/27/2017

Just repealing Obamacare would get rid of the anti-middle class individual mandate, the anti-jobs employer mandate, and all the other federal regulations that have caused health insurance premiums to soar. This would be a highly popular start, freeing workers and their employers to buy the health insurance they want, rather than the government forcing them to buy the high cost plan bureaucrats insist they must have.

Big National Retailers “Bait And Switch” Washington Democrats

12:52 PM 01/10/2017

Retailers have used “bait and switch” deceptive advertising tactics for decades. The old trick was to advertise sales on their merchandise supposedly with sharp markdowns. But once you came into the store looking to buy merchandise at the advertised sale price, you would be told that the advertised sale items were all sold out. The store’s sales force would be trained, however, to try to switch you to buy some other merchandise which was supposedly “on sale” for a good price.

One Judge’s Ruling Threatens Modern Freedom Of Choice For Music

2:31 PM 11/22/2016

Music is protected by federal copyright law. Which means that everyone who wants to play or listen to music, from radio stations, to restaurants and retail stores playing background music, to music consumers who want to listen to music at home, must pay copyright license fees.

The Failures Of Elon Musk: Space Aliens Did It

8:34 PM 10/27/2016

With $5 billion from the taxpayers in my pocket, I could be a robber baron industrial mogul too. Billionaire Elon Musk prances around as the CEO or godfather of Tesla Motor Company manufacturing electrical cars, Solar City manufacturing solar panels to make electricity, and SpaceX manufacturing space rockets to launch satellites into orbit.

Hillary Clinton’s Trickle-Down Economics

6:13 PM 09/27/2016

Hillary Clinton told us last night that she is going to create 10 million jobs by increasing taxes by trillions of dollars to increase government spending by trillions of dollars. That is the real trickle-down economics. It is Hillary Clinton who thinks that increased taxes and government spending will trickle down to create jobs and economic growth.

The World’s Greatest Health Care Plan

4:21 PM 07/01/2016

Republicans are now bursting with specific health reform proposals to replace Obamacare. Last week came the report of the House Task Force on Health Reform appointed months ago by Speaker Paul Ryan.