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Qasim Rashid, Esq. is a National Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA and author of The Wrong Kind Of Muslim: An Untold Story Of Persecution & Perseverance.

Make No Mistake, Ben Carson's Comments About A Muslim President Were Intolerant, And Wrong

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
America’s founders saw no conflict between Islam and the United States Constitution. Who then, is Dr. Carson to disagree?

Kim Davis Might Be Wrong, But So Is Demonizing Her For Her Convictions

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
What is it about the social media age that makes us behave so cruel towards one another?

The Right Way To Approach Hate And Discrimination

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
Hold yourself to a higher standard of speech than the bare minimum the law requires.

Rush Limbaugh Should Read The Qur'an Like It Tells Him To, Maybe Just Once

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
Sharia without freedom of conscience isn't Islamic.

The Khalifa Of Islam Is The Cure For The ISIS Crisis

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
There's already a caliphate the extremists hate; it's peaceful, and commands no army. That's why it's so powerful.

Why Pakistan Murders Humanitarians

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
Violence against Ahmadi Muslims continues while the Pakistani government looks the other way.

A Muslim�s invitation to the New Atheists: Dawkins, Ali, and Harris

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
How about reading the Qur'an?

Daniel Pipes and the anti-Islam crowd's cries for attention sounding increasingly desperate

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
He certainly didn't seem to care about the "inadvertent effects" on Muslims of bombing Iraq.

Why are Muslims criminalizing the Qur'an?

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
An Ahmadi Muslim languishes in a Pakistani prison cell -- will the Islamic world speak up for him?

Mike Huckabee is wrong about Islam

Opinion | Qasim Rashid
The host's comments are eerily akin to al Qaeda's view of Christianity.

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