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Lil’ Kim – Failure to Launch

11:55 AM 04/18/2017

Another saber rattling exhibition by North Korea happened over the weekend. Scared by Trump's bombing of Syria and Afghanistan, evil dictator Kim Jong-un tried to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile, but it barely made it off the launching pad. He immediately executed ten military officers.  He then ordered his state-employed missile scientists to examine the level of Mentos and Coca-Cola used and to adjust them for the next launch.

Democrats Have Mastered The Great Conflation

11:46 AM 04/11/2017

We all kept looking for the evidence that, as the Democrats and their media kept saying, Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians. As of last week there was no evidence, and then he bombed Russia’s ally, Syria. So the final answer is: Nyet!

Trump’s Golf Summit: I Like Spike(s)

12:26 PM 04/04/2017

On Sunday, Donald J. Trump used golf to woo a member of the more conservative Freedom Caucus into seeing things his way and to try to forge an understanding on moving forward on important matters like ObamaCare reform. Invitee Senator Rand Paul Tweeted: “I had a great time today with @realDonaldTrump and believe we are getting closer to an agreement on health care!”

Government Intrusion In Health Insurance: Let’s Fix It Right

4:52 PM 03/28/2017

In large measure, the reason Trump was elected against the desires of the GOP and later the Democrats, is that he is really neither. The inability to get the health care revision bill passed last week emphasizes why Americans elected Trump: to break up the caucuses that are driven by special interests and to get things done in Washington. He is not a politician, which is why this seems so awkward, but it’s for the best.

Gorsuch And Such

12:00 PM 03/21/2017

Spring is the time of year when we have NCAA March Madness, which reminds us that Butler really is a college somewhere.

Isolated From The Real World, Liberal Colleges Continue To Embarrass

12:08 PM 03/14/2017

Back when I was in college, a “rager” was a wild party. Now the only “ragers” college kids have is when a speaker they disagree with comes to campus. They manufacture rage, all at the expense of the First Amendment. With such rage on its campus, a $70,000-per-year Middlebury College degree just went down in value – again.

Another Crazy Week For Trump v. Washington

12:13 PM 03/07/2017

One by one, Trump is working on the campaign promises that got him elected: tightening our borders, working on cutting taxes, overturning Obama’s executive orders on regulations, fixing Obamacare, appointing one of the right-of-center judges on his list for the Supreme Court, etc.  He has Washington, D.C. politicians on both sides in a tizzy. They just can’t figure this guy out; they are not used to someone who keeps his campaign promises.

Time For A Balanced Approach To The “Climate Change” Hype

2:12 PM 02/28/2017

Democrats, the self-proclaimed "party for the middle class," raise the middle-class cost of living by raising energy prices with their regulatory meddling. Regulations cost consumers $1.8 trillion per year, which means higher bills for utilities, gas and transportation for the average person.

If The Left Keeps Crying “Wolf,” Protests Won’t Work

12:36 PM 02/07/2017

Lefties have one go-to reaction to anything that does not fit their narrative: protest. They know if George Soros or any two-bit local malcontent can get 10 lay-about friends together, paint some signs and alert the media, they will get inordinate TV coverage. Apparently you don’t have to say what you are protesting or have a concise message. Just show up in perpetual outrage (maybe a "vagina hat" would make a nice statement).  As long as you are yelling about Trump, you will be captured on TV.

Our Spying-Industrial Complex Needs To Be Reviewed

1:21 PM 01/10/2017

Here is what we learned about this administration in the wake of purported Russian "phishing" of Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta’s email. Valuable DNC secrets were protected by an elaborate set of fail-safe passwords, namely “password.”  This followed years of high-level DNC meetings where attendees  openly discussed their mothers’ maiden names, the names of their first pets, and their favorite movies on their Facebook pages.

Let’s Make Capitalism Cool Again

1:15 PM 01/03/2017

Inside Barack Obama's rhetoric of "income inequality" and "attack the rich," used mainly to sway envy-driven, simple minds, was always a dangerous subtext: Capitalism and entrepreneurs are bad. Trump needs to get us back to our capitalist roots, cut government, and start running government  like a business.