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      Ron Hart

      Ron Hart is a libertarian humorist and author who can be reached at [email protected]

Democrats’ debt ceiling demagoguery

4:35 PM 07/12/2011

The one thing all Democratic politicians have in common is that they could not do well in the real world. Most could not run a business or organize a high school musical. If you are financially inept, D.C. is the best place to be, since there is safety in numbers.

Drama: Queens

1:19 PM 06/28/2011

New York lawmakers worked late into Friday night to OK gay marriage. Gays in the East Village disco-danced and sang into the wee hours of the morning -- and then when they heard the news, they really got excited.

The historic Obama-Boehner golf summit

1:05 PM 06/21/2011

First there was the “Beer Summit” after Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. claimed, and Obama agreed, that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” when they were called to investigate a break-in at his home. Later it was determined that the officer just did his job.

Schwarzenegger, please!

1:12 PM 05/24/2011

As the press follows its president to Ireland to trumpet his “Irish" roots, O'bama will speak about the value to the U.S.A. of immigration. I suspect Maria Shriver should give the rebuttal.

Osama got 72 virgins and we get Obama’s 72 versions

1:29 PM 05/10/2011

The vast majority of Americans agree that CIA enhanced interrogation techniques led to the killing of Osama bin Laden. But the question remains: Why is Obama’s attorney general, buddy, and chief “get back at The Man” thug Eric Holder still pursuing prosecution against those who made this happen?


12:41 PM 04/26/2011

California, the state like your fun-but-always-broke, “confirmed bachelor” crazy uncle, is now considering a plan to require public schools to teach gay history. This could only happen in California, where the citizens believe there is nothing government should not be doing and doing it poorly.

Trump: Got 99 problems, but rich ain’t one

1:52 PM 04/19/2011

You have to give it to Trump. He started out broke and, by pure determination and grit, built a big real estate business in New York that made his family a fortune. But enough about Donald Trump’s father, Frederick Trump. Let’s discuss “The Donald’s” presidential aspirations.


7:04 PM 03/29/2011

Obama, the anti-war president who harped on America's trigger-happy ways while he was campaigning, has suddenly become Rambo. There must be something about proximity to the Pentagon, inspecting honor guards and flying on Marine One that changes presidents. They seem so reasonable and measured when they are running for office.

NPR gets punked

1:58 PM 03/15/2011

One of the few folks I have added to my "hero list" of late is James O’Keefe, the intrepid activist who exposes the left for what they are by secretly videotaping them.