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Ronald Hicks
Ronald Hicks
Vice-President of Communications, Republican National Lawyers Association
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      Ronald Hicks

      Ronald L. Hicks, Jr., is the Vice-President of Communications for the Republican National Lawyers Association. As a partner at the Pittsburgh-based law firm of Meyer, Unkovic & Scott, LLP, Ron is a business trial lawyer who handles emergency, complex and appellate litigation and other matters for his clients, including Republican candidates for local, state and federal office.

Trump’s Commission On Election Integrity Is Long Overdue

2:38 PM 05/11/2017

President Trump’s long-awaited commission on election integrity was created by executive order today.  The commission will investigate problems that affect the integrity of our elections and undermine public confidence in election results, including vote fraud.

At The FEC, Some Speakers Are More Equal Than Others

4:13 PM 02/24/2017

Nowhere has the Orwellian maxim that “some [people] are more equal than others” been more evident recently than at the Federal Election Commission (FEC). At the end of Animal Farm (spoiler alert), the animals find that, having successfully thrown off their human oppressors, their new animal rulers are just as oppressive as the humans, but in the name of animal equality.