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      Roger Stone

      Roger Stone is a well known Republican Political consultant and is a veteran of eight national Republican Presidential campaigns. His also the men’s fashion correspondent for the Daily Caller and editor of

A Catastrophe: The Government Is Abusing Kittens At Taxpayers’ Expense

Kitten [Shutterstock, by Zhalabkovich Yauheniya

I’ve written recently about President Trump’s spending bill, which marked a huge victory for man’s best friend by defunding painful and expensive and generally useless dog experiments at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Well, guess what? Taxpayers are now facing yet another horrid discovery --- a catastrophe, if you will --- this time at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

ROGER STONE: I Didn’t ‘Dine With Assange.’ This Is Getting Ridiculous

3:05 PM 04/10/2018

In a recent story in The Atlantic, Congressman Adam B. Schiff told reporter Natasha Bertrand that I failed to turn over my now famous “Dine with Assange” email to the House intelligence Committee. Schiff was referring to a Wall Street Journal article revealing that I -- as The Atlantic characterizes it -- “boasted” in an email to my “friend” Sam Nunberg about dining with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on August 3, 2016.

Hey, Nicholas Kristof: If You’re Smart, Why Do You Act So Obtuse?

4:21 PM 02/16/2018

If you ever find yourself in need of a cheap cheat sheet of ever-cited-but-never-substantiated “Trump colluded with Russia” allegations, look no further than a smorgasbord of hyperbolic conclusion-leaping disinformation recently regurgitated in (where else?) The New York Times by a predictably-disingenuous leftist media parrot named Nicholas Kristof.

ROGER STONE: Free Julian Assange, Mr. President

1:53 AM 02/09/2018

While in London this past week, visiting the United Kingdom to address the Oxford, Durham and Cambridge Unions about Donald Trump’s improbable 2016 victory and the outlook for his presidency, I visited the tiny Ecuadoran Embassy where journalist Julian Assange has been effectively imprisoned for nearly SIX years, under siege from vindictive state intelligence forces.

ROGER STONE: Don’t Swalwell That. It’s Covered In Schiff

6:23 AM 02/07/2018

Aside from a brief interlude for the president’s State of the Union speech, the last two weeks have seen American political discourse consumed almost entirely by a cacophonous spectacle (but not so spectacular cacophony) of brazenly-disingenuous FISA memo spincraft, perpetrated by whirling Democrat dervishes of deception and obeisantly parroted by their corporate media propaganda amen choir.

Mr. Roger Stone’s 2017 International Best And Worst Dressed List

1:34 PM 12/31/2017

In our 12th year of Mr. Stone’s International Best & Worst Dressed list, we once again thank the noted Hollywood designer and arbiter of style, Mr. Blackwell for inspiring this annual tradition. For decades, Blackwell would report on who were the very best and very worst dressed people in the world. His praise could make a starlet of a socialite while his scorn could destroy an athlete or businessman. I have carried on this tradition for the last twelve years.

The Uranium One Treason: Why Robert Mueller Must Be Removed And His Partisan Hit Squad Dismantled

4:58 AM 12/20/2017

President Donald Trump has only one viable option to repel the partisan lynch mob now nipping at his heels in the form of a taxpayer-funded pack of legal hyenas. These hyenas are masquerading as objective prosecutors under the droopy eyes of old reliable deep state hatchet man Robert Swan Mueller III, the special counsel appointed to “investigate” the Clinton-Podesta-Schiff-Democrat Party-Corporate Media fabricated Russia collusion delusion.

ROGER STONE: Time For Real Net Neutrality

1:12 AM 12/08/2017

In 2015, when writing his dissenting opinion against FCC 15-24 -- formally known as the Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling, and Order in the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet, but commonly referred to as ‘Net Neutrality," -- Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Pai had this to say:

Whiplash! From JFK To Donald Trump, A Political Odyssey — Book Review

2:10 AM 10/27/2017

As a college student active in Republican politics, one of the first people I met was a contemporary, actually a few years older. Unlike me, Arnie Steinberg was not a New Yorker, but he had come to New York for what his conservative mentors in Washington had ridiculed as a futile effort – electing Jim Buckley, the brother of the legendary William. F. Buckley, Jr. to the U.S. Senate.

Bannon’s Time Is Up

5:19 PM 08/17/2017

Steven K. Bannon, the swashbuckling former Goldman Sachs banker and press baron of Breitbart news who calls himself “Chief Strategist” of Trump’s historic campaign, is in deep trouble within the Trump White House.

Worse Than Watergate

9:35 AM 03/08/2017

We are on the cusp of what is probably the biggest scandal in US history. The deep state has sought to undermine President Trump through a series of illegal leaks and secret judicial proceedings as spying has been exposed.

How Did Trump Defy The Polls?

3:19 PM 02/07/2017

How could the polls have been so wrong?  Virtually every mainstream poll showed Hillary as a sure thing. How did they miss the Trump tidal wave?

The Tedious Russian Hacking Lie Recycled

11:39 AM 01/12/2017

This is like deja vu. A simple click on Twitter will reveal that a veritable army of bots and zombies continue to promulgate the lie that "Roger Stone knew" in advance about the WikiLeaks disclosures and specifically the hacking of John Podesta's email.

Hillary Clinton: The Big Banks Are With Her

3:37 PM 09/19/2016

This year’s presidential campaign has confirmed at least one fact of modern American politics: Democrats have lost their claim on populist politics: Donald Trump has energized millions of working people fed up with political and economic elites pushing bad trade agreements for Wall Street’s benefit. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been forced, awkwardly, to convince voters she will put the interests of everyday Americans ahead of the big global banks who have supplied the Clinton machine tens of millions of dollars over the years.

Cool When The Weather Gets Hot: The Seersucker Suit

11:18 AM 07/12/2016

What does every stylish gent need when the mercury climbs but the work-day still beckons? Hint, it's a classic, it's comfortable in steamy climes, it's retro and it's making a huge summer comeback. It’s that cool summer staple -- the seersucker suit. A seersucker suit is one of the most iconic styles dating from the 1920's and is still a gentleman's best bet when it's hot and sticky.