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When Tricky Dick Muled Weed For Ambassador Satchmo

Roger Stone
The Daily Caller's Men's Fashion Editor

Richard Nixon could be quite naïve.

LBJ is no civil rights hero

4:23 PM 04/09/2014

Katie Couric aired an interview this week in which the grown daughters of President Lyndon claimed that if LBJ was alive today he would oppose the ban on gay marriage as a "civil rights issue." This is pure hokum, part of a misguided PR effort to burnish Johnson's public image. If fact, documents reveal that LBJ had his aide Bill Moyers order the FBI to investigate whether his other top aide Jack Valenti was gay, and have the FBI seek to identify gays on the staff of his 1964 Republican opponent Barry Goldwater.

A gentleman’s must-have: The cocktail shaker

12:14 PM 01/28/2014

Every gentleman who ever contemplates entertaining a lady at his home must have a cocktail shaker. A cool silver or aluminum cocktail shaker can be an objet d'art as well as at tool in mixing and serving today's (and yesterday's) popular cocktails. Just the fact that you own one makes you chic and urbane.

Chris Christie’s Bridgegate response recalls Richard Nixon’s dissembling

12:41 PM 01/22/2014

I am not the first to note the striking similarities between the Watergate scandal and the Bridgegate fiasco Governor Chris Christie is facing but as someone who knew many involved directly in Watergate and many in Christie's inner circle I can say the similarities are more telling than they appear.

Blue jeans: Some men shouldn’t

7:08 PM 10/28/2013

A word about blue jeans, which when I was growing up were called dungarees, one of the more unfortunate marketing ideas of our time: Starting as a work garment for miners, the ubiquitous blue jeans became a staple of the counterculture starting when Brando wore them in "On the Waterfront," and remained so through the anti-war protests of the 70s. When Bill Blass and Andy Warhol were seen pairing blue jeans with a dinner jacket and black tie it was clear that jeans would remain in a man's closet.

JFK assassination eyewitness won’t be at 50th anniversary ceremony

11:36 AM 10/16/2013

James Tague was an eyewitness to the assassination to President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22 in 1963. Tague is the only man in addition to President Kennedy and Texas Governor John B. Connally who was wounded by gunfire in Dallas’s Dealey plaza that day, yet he cannot get a ticket to the tightly controlled “public ceremony” in the tightly locked-down Dealey Plaza. They are turning away a witness whose testimony caused the Warren Commission members to rewrite their report.

What Caro knew

1:24 PM 10/02/2013

Pultizer Prize-winning author Robert Caro will speak at the New York Historical Society on November 21, 2013. His four volume biography of Lyndon Johnson has some serious historical lapses that must be addressed.

Did David Frost put words in Nixon’s mouth?

2:04 PM 09/03/2013

British television journalist David Frost passed away on Saturday at age 74. The pinnacle of Frost's career was a series of interviews with former President Richard Nixon in his post-presidential years. Nixon, who badly needed money to pay his legal bills, was paid $600,000 plus a percentage of the profits from the broadcast. The interviews inspired a hit Broadway play and a movie directed by Ron Howard. Frank Langella did a serviceable job as Nixon in both but could not capture Nixon's ticks and idiosyncrasies the way Anthony Hopkins did in Oliver Stone's "Nixon."

Justin Timberlake’s new wardrobe works

2:18 PM 03/29/2013

As an entertainer, Justin Timberlake has learned from the past. He can cradle a mic stand like Elvis Presley, move like Michael Jackson and swoon like Frank Sinatra.

A Christmas-party must: the gentleman’s velvet blazer

1:43 PM 12/07/2012

It's the holiday season, and the well-dressed gentleman is looking for a festive Christmas-party wardrobe --- one that doesn't have to stay in the back of the closet until next December. He should consider a velvet jacket or blazer. Whether you drop $300 for a serviceable off-the-rack model or shell out $1,600 for a custom job, you should be able to get more than a few days (and late nights) out of it.

A summer must-have: the seersucker suit

3:05 PM 06/08/2012

With summer weather upon us, nothing will allow the man about town to remain cool in the warmest temperatures like the seersucker suit. I wore a three-piece model --- what I call the “full Atticus Finch” --- to the offices of The Daily Caller this Tuesday.

The gentleman’s indispensable raincoat: the trench coat

11:15 AM 03/23/2012

Every man’s closet must contain a trench coat. It’s hard for any gentleman not to look dashing when clad in this swashbuckling style.

The ascot: proceed with caution

2:43 PM 03/19/2012

There is no article of men’s clothing that can make a man look more like a douche than the ascot. There are, however, a few men who can pull it off. Context is everything.

Men’s must-haves: Khakis and Weejuns

12:02 PM 03/16/2012

American soldiers wore khaki uniforms during World War II. Men’s khaki trousers became fashionable after the war, as homecoming GI’s decided to continue wearing the soft, comfortable pants in their civilian capacities. Khaki trousers soon became the province of hipsters like Jack Kerouac and Miles Davis. They were taken to new heights by Ralph Lauren, who helped popularize them among college professors and preppy men.

The shirt that every well-dressed gentleman must have

11:47 AM 02/20/2012

Every well-dressed gentleman must have an all-cotton oxford cloth button-down shirt from Brooks Brothers.

Hats off: Winter hat styles for the well-dressed man

12:12 PM 02/06/2012

Hats are back in fashion, with more and more men being seen this winter with snap-brim fedoras or pork pies.

Don’t underestimate Gary Johnson

1:56 PM 12/24/2011

In a recent blog post, National Review’s Jim Geraghty dismissed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson’s Libertarian Party presidential bid. “Sometimes, a candidate just isn’t any good,” he concluded.

Does Holder have any shame?

11:27 AM 12/13/2011

Last Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the House Judiciary Committee about the fatal gun-running scheme known as “Fast and Furious.” The previous Friday, Holder had conveniently dumped 1,400 pages of Department of Justice (DOJ) internal emails that contradicted the DOJ’s February letter to Congress denying that the DOJ’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had "sanctioned or otherwise knowingly allowed the sale of assault weapons" to suspicious people. Holder was even forced to withdraw the letter from Congress due to its blatant lies. As it turns out, not only did the DOJ put 2,000 high-powered guns directly into the hands of Mexican drug cartel agents, but cartel agents used two of these rifles to gun down Border Patrol Special Agent Brian Terry.

Cyrus Vance’s double standard

4:21 PM 07/05/2011

The collapse of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.’s case against French banker and politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn has focused attention on Vance’s competence.