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      Roger Stone

      Roger Stone is a well known Republican Political consultant and is a veteran of eight national Republican Presidential campaigns. His also the men’s fashion correspondent for the Daily Caller and editor of

Clinton And Soros Are Behind Violent Riots At Trump Rallies, Not Sanders

9:48 AM 03/21/2016

The Establishment on both the left and the right, who want to disenfranchise the millions of Republican voters who support Donald Trump, have blamed the staged riots near Trump rallies on Trump or on Bernie Sanders. That’s like blaming the Russians for the Reichstag Fire. Bernie has little to do with these manufactured protests. This is a Clinton operation, a faux protest.

Corrupt Blowhard Chris Matthews Plays Hardball With Guests For Wife’s Campaign

7:04 PM 03/16/2016

Tingly-legged windbag Chris Matthews got caught in a pay-to-play scandal involving his wife’s campaign and his TV show. The blond blowhard has been soliciting donations for his wife’s congressional campaign in exchange for appearing on his show, enabling the donors to be seen by Hardball’s dozens of viewers. MSNBC should can the tiresome phony right away.

Who Is The Real Heidi Nelson Cruz?

12:17 AM 03/14/2016

As the nation says “Goodbye” to Nancy Reagan – a woman widely admired as the quintessential political wife – we pause to ask: Who is Heidi Nelson Cruz?

Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name

10:37 AM 03/10/2016

Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the Chinese government, (who plied him with Chinese prostitutes) has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can't make this stuff up.

Who Is The Real Ted Cruz?

10:53 AM 01/26/2016

Vladimir Lenin said, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.”

The Clintons’ Cosby Meltdown

10:50 AM 01/04/2016

Having dodged this bullet before and because no Democrat raised this issue when she ran in 2000 Hillary must have figured the MSM would cut off discussion of Bill’s record of sexual assault and rape … and Hillary’s role in silencing his victims.

Bill Clinton The Biter

12:06 PM 11/17/2015

My book The Clintons’ War on Women documents former President Bill Clinton’s trail of sexual assault and rape and Hillary’s point-person role in orchestrating the campaign to discredit and intimidate Bill’s victims into silence lest they slow the Clintons' path to power and wealth.

Ana Navarro Is No ‘Strategist’ — She’s A Bushie

3:27 PM 11/13/2015

The Bushies – blind followers of the Bush dynasty -- are everywhere. They populate the radio and TV airwaves as supposedly unbiased pundits. They write opinion pieces across all the major newspapers and websites. But now they even inhabit daytime television – "Republican Strategist" Ana Navarro, a paid CNN political analyst, was recently named a regular contributor on “The View.”

H Is For Hypocrite

6:19 PM 09/16/2015

As Hillary’s poll numbers continue to slide, she is desperately trying to hold onto her supposed base: women. The foundation of her campaign is quickly eroding, as polls show that women are indeed much smarter than Hillary thinks.

Corporal In Clintons’ War On Women Is Back

11:01 AM 07/03/2015

I got a fundraising solicitation for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign today, signed by veteran Clinton attack dog James Carville. Carville was purged from Bill's 1996 reelection campaign but has remained a dogged Clinton defender while living like the 1 percent on speaking fees and product endorsement deals.

The Kick-Off: Hillary Clinton The Bogus Women’s Advocate

4:42 PM 06/15/2015

Hillary Clinton unveiled the broad themes of her candidacy for president in an address on Roosevelt Island. Hillary, once one of the most polarizing figures in American politics, is running as an advocate for women and girls as well as an advocate for the poor while vowing to reign in the excesses of wealthy hedge funders and others on Wall Street.

The Clintons’ Mainstream Media Enablers

12:51 PM 05/19/2015

In his wobbly defense of the financial self-enrichment shenanigans in the nexus between the U.S. State Department and the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation provided as exposed in Clinton Cash, Former Presdent Bill Clinton said “Even the guy that wrote the book apparently had to admit under questioning that, ‘We didn’t have a shred of evidence for this, we just sort of thought we would throw it out there and see if it flies.’ And it won’t fly.”  

Is There Any Clinton Defender Who’s Not Dishonest Or Corrupt?

6:14 PM 04/28/2015

The Clintonistas' defense in the burgeoning Clinton Foundation scandal reminds me of the man who, when tried for the murder of his parents, argued that he should be found not guilty because he was a orphan. There is, not a shred of evidence that shows Hillary's policies or actions were effected by the millions going into the Foundations's coffers or Bill's pocket, we are told. Shred is the appropriate word. In fact the gusher of money flowing into the Clinton Foundation offers the first plausible explanation for the illegal erasure thousands of her "personal" e-mails. Hillary left no trail.

Hillary Clinton’s Credibility Problem

5:52 PM 04/13/2015

Hillary is in the race. But Republicans should fear not -- her candidacy is flawed. Now that she has destroyed the evidence of her potential crimes, Hillary Clinton’s partisans tell us the e-mail issue is “nothing” and will have no impact on her future.