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Raymond Siller
Raymond Siller
Former Head Writer, "The Tonight Show"
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      Raymond Siller

      Raymond Siller is a four-time Emmy-nominated television writer and political consultant.

Johnny Carson’s politics

In 1980, before Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon outside his Central Park West apartment, Johnny Carson, the late-night host of “The Tonight Show,” had been targeted in Chapman’s mind. But the assassin calculated that Lennon was more accessible, that he couldn’t get near enough to hit Carson. Little did he know. While B-list guests as well as announcer Ed McMahon took limos to the studio, Johnny, a private man, drove himself to work.

White House Correspondents’ Dinner a missed opportunity for Obama

11:45 AM 04/30/2012

As someone who has written humor for Republican presidents at past White House Correspondents’ dinners, I can attest to the Sisyphean challenge for a Republican president to get laughs from the overwhelmingly liberal members of the media in the room. Saturday night they were so in the tank for Obama that the invitations should have read black tie and snorkel.