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Russ Read is a foreign policy reporter and Pentagon correspondent for The Daily Caller News Foundation. He covers defense, terrorism and the Middle East and friends.

Doctors Woke This Special Forces Operator Up Mid-Surgery To Give Him Bad News. Then He Made His Decision

Defense | Russ Read
'I've trusted my life on much sketchier pieces of equipment'

This Video Shows The Insider Attack That Killed Three US Soldiers In Jordan

World | Russ Read
The attacker ambushed the soldiers

US Ship Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Vessel After Extremely Close Encounter

National Security | Russ Read
The USS Thunderbolt had to fire several bursts from its machine gun

Tillerson, Mattis 'Teamed Up' To Shoot Down McMaster's Afghanistan Plan

National Security | Russ Read
The secretaries did not think Trump would go for it

Iraq Joins Up With Top Terror Sponsor To Fight Terrorism

World | Russ Read
Iraq just signed a new military agreement with Iran

'They Are Not That Smart' : How ISIS Lost Its Chance At A Radioactive Dirty Bomb

National Security | Russ Read
The group had a trove of radioactive material under its nose for three years

Trump Commissions America's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier

National Security | Russ Read
'Our true strength is our people'

Palestinian Breaks Into Home, Stabs Three Israelis To Death

World | Russ Read
Israeli paramedics described a gruesome scene

Four Dead, More Than 190 Wounded In 'Day Of Rage' Clashes Across Israel

World | Russ Read
'Day of Rage'

Rohrabacher Aide Fired After Russia Revelations

Politics | Russ Read
'I am sure we will work this out'

US Official: Joint US-Russia Cyber Group A 'Pipe Dream'

National Security | Russ Read
'We had to have a dialogue'

International Police Operation Takes Down World's Largest Online Black Market

World | Russ Read
'One of the most important criminal investigations of the year'

Iran Makes A Not-So-Subtle Threat Against US Forces After Trump's Sanctions

World | Russ Read
Would be a 'big risk' for US troops in the Middle East

Iran's President Vows Retaliation In Response To Trump's New Sanctions

World | Russ Read
'Would stand against them'

Trump Looks To Military Members For New Ideas On Afghanistan

National Security | Russ Read
First-hand perspective on the conflict

Egyptian Police Ambush, Shoot Upstart Terror Leaders In Cairo

World | Russ Read
The security officers got revenge for an earlier string of attacks

Trump Admin Wants To Let Cyber Command Get More Aggressive

National Security | Russ Read
Officials want to make the command independent of the NSA

Before And After: ISIS Literally Turned Mosul Into A Brown Smudge [PICTURES]

World | Russ Read
'We spent beautiful days here'

Killing Baghdadi Won't Stop ISIS, Here's Why

National Security | Russ Read
'ISIS has explicitly said that they will just replace him if he dies. He's just a guy'

US Drone Strike Obliterates Islamic State's Afghan Leader

National Security | Russ Read
Third ISIS leader killed in Afghanistan in a year

Watch Israeli Police Engage In A Shootout With Arab Terrorists In Jerusalem

World | Russ Read
One of the attackers tried to ambush the police by playing dead

Trump To OK Iran On Nuclear Deal For The Second Time

National Security | Russ Read
Trump promised to tear up the agreement during his campaign

Army Computer Networks Face 'Tens To Hundreds Of Thousands' Hack Attempts Daily

National Security | Russ Read
'We have to be right ever single time, the attacker only has to be right once'

Trump Admin Bans Use Of Russian Cybersecurity Firm's Software

Tech | Russ Read
The company is alleged to have ties to Russian intelligence

French Protesters Plan 'No Trump Zone' Ahead Of President's Visit

World | Russ Read
'Trump is not welcome in Paris'

France To Mobilize A Whole Army Of Police

World | Russ Read
86,000 officers will be deployed across the country

Russia Slowly Seizing More And More Territory In Georgia Territory

World | Russ Read
'This is a continuation of the illegal process of the so-called borderization'

Mattis' Call For Regime Change In Iran Infuriates Its Defense Minister

National Security | Russ Read
'Until the Iranian people can get rid of this theocracy'

Trump Admin Considering Ban On Russian Cybersecurity Firm's Software

National Security | Russ Read
Officials are concerned about use of Kaspersky Lab software on government systems

How Trump's Syria Ceasefire Could Backfire In Iran's Favor

National Security | Russ Read
A break from fighting could give some unseen enemies a change to regroup

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