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San Francisco porn studio offers 'sex ed' classes

US | Samantha Schroeder
Porn studio offers kinky classes for couples who 'love to tie more than ribbons this holiday'

The Grinch of Toronto: Salvation Army director fired, charged with $2 million toy theft

World | Samantha Schroeder
The toy thief was known by friends and colleagues as a 'consummate professional'

Swedish Toys R Us franchisee goes 'gender neutral' in Christmas catalog

Business | Samantha Schroeder
'With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong'

FBI storms public library

US | Samantha Schroeder
No books were reported as casualties during the police operation

Harbor to nowhere: Stimulus-funded Alaska harbor project without road access

US | Samantha Schroeder
$29-million small-boat harbor is only accessible by boat

Taiwanese media animates Petraeus love affair [VIDEO]

World | Samantha Schroeder
'Conservatives smell a conspiracy'

Canada: Fierce northern neigh

Slideshow | Samantha Schroeder
A selection of the best Canadian memes the Web has to offer

'Destroy the idols': Egyptian jihadist calls for destruction of Sphinx, Great Pyramids in the name of Muhammad

World | Samantha Schroeder
President Morsi's government has not announced an official response

Parting 'Survivor' contestant Jeff Kent takes it out on Obama [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Samantha Schroeder
During end credits, former baseball player makes parting jab

Irish airline pushes for standing-room tickets for flights

World | Samantha Schroeder
On Wednesday The Telegraph reported that Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair is up to a new money-saving scheme: selling discounted tickets for a standing-room only cabin.

Michael Moore thanks Hurricane Sandy for Obama win

Politics | Samantha Schroeder
The liberal filmmaker published a joyful blog post on Wednesday

Florida county supervisor tells voters Election Day is on Wednesday

Elections | Samantha Schroeder
According to the Tampa Bay Times, a glitch caused the problem

Sarasota yard sign thief leaves postcard calling Obama supporters 'retards and half-wits'

Elections | Samantha Schroeder
Liberals, the writer claimed, lack common sense to lock doors

Pro-gay marriage Wash. state Catholics defy church on ballot initiative

US | Samantha Schroeder
'Catholic social teaching teaches us that God loves everybody'

Marriage expert Brad Pitt donates $100k to Human Rights Campaign

Entertainment | Samantha Schroeder
Nation's largest gay org announces pledge from to push gay marriage in 2012 election

Congressman's son resigns after undercover video shows attempted voter fraud [VIDEO]

Politics | Samantha Schroeder
"At no point have I, or will I ever endorse any sort of illegal or unethical behavior'

Despite contraception mandate uproar, Catholics prefer Obama over Romney

US | Samantha Schroeder
'There is no such thing as 'the Catholic vote''

DOJ won't investigate Indiana abortion clinic over Americans with Disabilities Act complaint

US | Samantha Schroeder
'The Department of Justice, led by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is playing politics'

Memo: US State Department knew months before of danger in Benghazi

Politics | Samantha Schroeder
According to State Dept, US knew two months before the fatal attack of significant threat

Autocam CEO sues Sebelius over Obamacare mandate that violates 'the sanctity of human life'

US | Samantha Schroeder
'The Affordable Care Act threatens the right to religious freedom'

Japanese cult leader executed for 6 deaths

World | Samantha Schroeder
Faith healer accompanies robber to gallows

Rep. Grimm's campaign office vandals caught: Eighth-graders with rocks

Politics | Samantha Schroeder
'It is unfortunate that these young kids would commit such an act of vandalism'

Rep. Grimm on office burglary: 'An assault on democracy and the political process'

Politics | Samantha Schroeder
Computer data stolen, files corrupted and erased at New York re-election office

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