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UConn wins national title for fourth time in school’s history

Apr 7, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; The Connecticut Huskies celebrate on the podium after beating the Kentucky Wildcats in the championship game of the Final Four in the 2014 NCAA Mens Division I Championship tournament at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports - RTR3KCHM

The University of Connecticut beat Kentucky 60-54 in Monday night's national championship. This makes UConn the only school to get four national titles in the past 16 seasons.

Legendary basketball coach Bob Knight says NBA is raping college basketball

2:45 PM 03/25/2014

Bob Knight,  the famous basketball coach of Army, Indiana, Texas Tech, and the US men's Olympic team, expressed extreme unhappiness with the way the NBA is recruiting young players.

This painting of George Washington dunking on dictators is breathtaking

1:54 PM 03/19/2014

Last month, Reddit user fact_school_cat made an open request to the online forum for a custom painting of the Founding Fathers playing basketball.

US falls to Canada 1-0 in semifinal

3:50 PM 02/21/2014

USA hockey suffered a disappointing 1-0 loss to Canada Friday, leaving the Americans to play Finland for bronze on Saturday.

Genius gets arrested after posting videos of felonies to Instagram

12:25 PM 02/21/2014

Daron Stinson, 21, has been arrested after he posted videos of himself threatening people with a fake gun to Instagram. Stinson, an aspiring comedian, billed the terrifying acts as pranks.

This is why you always clear your browser history [PHOTO]

1:22 PM 02/11/2014

When someone asks if they can use your phone for a shot on TV news, you might want to make sure that you know what bookmarks are on your browser. Some poor soul over at WGN learned that the hard way.

This is the snowboarding course Shaun White thinks is too dangerous [VIDEO]

12:21 PM 02/07/2014

Take a ride down the Olympic snowboarding course that scared away top American snowboarder Shaun White, thanks to video taken by Russian Olympian Alexey Sobolev.

PETA gets upset about Joe Namath’s outrageous fur coat, obviously

3:33 PM 02/03/2014

Broadway Joe Namath didn't disappoint in swagger when he did the coin toss for Super Bowl XLVIII. He strutted to the field wearing a huge fur coat, predictably enraging PETA members everywhere.

Denver Broncos player gets heartwarming text from son

1:31 PM 02/03/2014

Denver Broncos player Shaun Phillips had a rough Sunday. The veteran defensive end had only three assisted tackles as his team lost the Super Bowl in a 43-8 blowout.

SNL’s ‘heterosexual figure skating’ sketch is too hilarious not to watch again [VIDEO]

3:11 PM 01/29/2014

In honor of the upcoming the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, "Saturday Night Live" decided to take a look at how heterosexual male figure skaters would perform as members of a "B squad" for the U.S.

WINTER CLASSIC: 9 of the hottest hockey wives and girlfriends [SLIDESHOW]

9:52 PM 12/18/2013

Hockey players have gone from being minor sports figures in America to now landing some of the most beautiful women. With hockey season coming into full swing, The Daily Caller looked at the most important statistic about players: how hot their women are.

If you like the Patriots, Raiders or Steelers, you’re unstable

2:14 PM 12/17/2013

Everyone knows that cheering for football teams can get out of hand pretty quickly. Fist fights and property destruction are par for the course at most sporting events, and the Philadelphia Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field even has holding cells built into the stadium.

Fox and dog are the cutest best friends of all time [PHOTOS]

5:07 PM 12/05/2013

A photographer in Norway was walking her dog Sniffer, when the pooch made a most unlikely friend. Torgeir Berge started photographing Sniffer and his new fox friend, named Tinni, as they romped about in the forest.

Watch this grandma beer bong like a champ [VIDEO]

6:44 PM 11/18/2013

They say you can't choose your family, but who wouldn't want a grandmother who's willing to give a beer bong the old try? One 75-year-old grandmother decided to see what all the fuss was about while tailgating the Penn State-Purdue game on Saturday.

Rob Ford: A man of the people [VIDEO]

12:50 AM 11/12/2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is anything but boring. The red-faced, rotund politician is a veritable Santa Claus for the media and crack enthusiasts alike.

This screaming guy playing the tuba is magnificent [VIDEO]

4:57 PM 11/11/2013

Some poor soul, only identified as "Brian" on the YouTube page, was diligently practicing his tuba when someone sneaked up on the other side of the door and made a loud noise.

Detroit Lions safety has to get rid of his pet alligator

2:27 PM 10/25/2013

Louis Delmas, safety for the Detroit Lions, has to finally say farewell to his six-foot alligator friend named Mojo. Mojo was originally a gift from Detroit Lions linebacker Ernie Sims when Delmas started as a rookie.

Gronk holds womens only clinic full of booze and prizes

4:49 PM 10/23/2013

In what may be the slyest move ever, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is hosting a "Football 101 Women's Clinic" on Nov. 11. Participants must be 21 or over, since a main part of the event is "Access to beer, wine, Gronk-tinis and food."

Patients at a children’s hospital lip synching ‘Roar’ is the best thing ever [VIDEO]

5:13 PM 10/22/2013

Katy Perry's single "Roar" off her album "Prism," is a catchy and upbeat fight song she wrote in the aftermath of her divorce from Russell Brand. While that context is good enough for a pop song, the children being treated at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in New Hampshire decided to make it their own.