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Study Shows Great White Shark Populations Off The East Coast Are Increasing

A Great White shark is pictured in the Eastern North Pacific in this undated handout photograph courtesy of Kevin Weng, University of Hawaii. REUTERS/Kevin Weng, University of Hawaii/Handout via Reuters

Just in time for beach season, a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that great white shark populations are increasing off the east coast of the U.S. and Canada. The NOAA report says federal protections on the big fish, like the ban in 1997 on hunting the shark, have caused this surge in population.

Detroit Red Wings Twitter Account SHUTS DOWN Cute Girl

2:12 PM 06/20/2014

The Detroit Red Wings Twitter account decided that it was their place to hand out life lessons to their followers on Friday morning.

World Cup Fans STORM Stadium Press Room Before Match

3:55 PM 06/18/2014

Close to 100 Chile fans stormed Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro Wednesday to get into the arena before the match against Spain. They broke the barriers, rushed past the security guards and into the media room, causing minor damage along the way.

Bear Delays Alaskan Baseball Game

3:27 PM 06/17/2014

A black bear wandered onto the field in the fifth inning of an American Legion baseball game in Juneau, Alaska between West Post 1 and Juneau Post 25, causing the umpire to delay the game.

INSANE Video Of Guy Fighting Off Great White Shark In Harbour

4:18 PM 06/11/2014

With more people going into the oceans due to the season, it's easy to get sharks on the brain for summer. One guy in Australia had a little too close of an encounter with the largest carnivorous shark, the Great White.

Tampa Bay Rays Turn To Seminole Medicine Man For Help

4:15 PM 06/09/2014

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon invited Seminole tribal elder Bobby Henry to visit Tropicana field in hopes he might be able to change the juju of the team. The team's dismal record of 24-40 this season makes them the worst out of all MLB teams.

Watch This Blind Baseball Team Take On The Seattle Police Force

5:21 PM 06/05/2014

Who says just because you're blind, you can't play baseball? The Seattle Sluggers, a blind baseball team, faced off against the blindfolded Seattle PD to play their own game of "beep baseball."

This Nine-Year-Old Raised Money To Buy A Shelter For Stray Dogs

4:25 PM 05/16/2014

Ken, a nine-year-old Filipino boy, has raised enough money to house a small no-kill shelter for stray dogs and cats after dreaming about doing it for over a year.

Wes Welker Hands Out $100 Bills After Kentucky Derby Win

2:44 PM 05/05/2014

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker attended the Kentucky Derby and apparently bet big on winner California Chrome because he was spotted handing out $100 bills to random attendees as he was leaving the race.

College Students Everywhere Now Want to Make Money Having Sex

11:28 AM 04/30/2014

Duke porn star Belle Knox has apparently started a trend among college students to use their bodies for paying off college costs. Co-ed girls are flocking to stripper poles and, more recently, buff males are making extra money by getting in the sheets with wealthy older women.

Man faces federal charges over soda refill

2:39 PM 04/17/2014

A Charleston construction worker is facing federal charges over a soda refill. Christopher Lewis was unaware that refills were not free at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center and it cost him $525 and his job.

UConn wins national title for fourth time in school’s history

8:15 AM 04/08/2014

The University of Connecticut beat Kentucky 60-54 in Monday night's national championship. This makes UConn the only school to get four national titles in the past 16 seasons.

Legendary basketball coach Bob Knight says NBA is raping college basketball

2:45 PM 03/25/2014

Bob Knight,  the famous basketball coach of Army, Indiana, Texas Tech, and the US men's Olympic team, expressed extreme unhappiness with the way the NBA is recruiting young players.

This painting of George Washington dunking on dictators is breathtaking

1:54 PM 03/19/2014

Last month, Reddit user fact_school_cat made an open request to the online forum for a custom painting of the Founding Fathers playing basketball.

US falls to Canada 1-0 in semifinal

3:50 PM 02/21/2014

USA hockey suffered a disappointing 1-0 loss to Canada Friday, leaving the Americans to play Finland for bronze on Saturday.

Genius gets arrested after posting videos of felonies to Instagram

12:25 PM 02/21/2014

Daron Stinson, 21, has been arrested after he posted videos of himself threatening people with a fake gun to Instagram. Stinson, an aspiring comedian, billed the terrifying acts as pranks.

This is why you always clear your browser history [PHOTO]

1:22 PM 02/11/2014

When someone asks if they can use your phone for a shot on TV news, you might want to make sure that you know what bookmarks are on your browser. Some poor soul over at WGN learned that the hard way.

This is the snowboarding course Shaun White thinks is too dangerous [VIDEO]

12:21 PM 02/07/2014

Take a ride down the Olympic snowboarding course that scared away top American snowboarder Shaun White, thanks to video taken by Russian Olympian Alexey Sobolev.

PETA gets upset about Joe Namath’s outrageous fur coat, obviously

3:33 PM 02/03/2014

Broadway Joe Namath didn't disappoint in swagger when he did the coin toss for Super Bowl XLVIII. He strutted to the field wearing a huge fur coat, predictably enraging PETA members everywhere.