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      Stephanie D. Edelman

      Stephanie D. Edelman is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and a current intern at a think tank in Washington, D.C.

The Petraeus-Broadwell affair: the real scandal is the lack of outrage

Over the past few weeks, a number of blasé headlines on the Petraeus-Broadwell affair have shrugged off the general’s marital infidelity. First it was He Slept with Her. Who Cares?, and Petraeus’ Affair was No ‘Scandal’; then, A Good General is a Terrible Thing to Waste; Petraeus-Broadwell Brouhaha Ludicrously Overblown, followed by David Petraeus Sex Scandal a ‘Blip’ on His Record, General’s Former Iraq Aide Says, and, finally, the unequivocal Bring Back Petraeus, in which Slate’s Emily Yoffe pronounced:

Lena, be a lady

11:33 AM 11/02/2012

“My first time voting was amazing,” Lena Dunham enthuses at the close of her suggestive “First Time” ad endorsing Obama. “It was this line in the sand: first I was a girl, now I was a woman.”