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Stephen C. Eldridge
Stephen C. Eldridge
Retired Corporate Attorney & CPA
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      Stephen C. Eldridge

      Stephen C. Eldridge is a retired corporate tax lawyer/CPA. He was a nationally recognized expert in his area of specialization in which he co-authored a three volume tax treatise and lectured internationally.

The FAIRtax Is A Progressive Scam – We Need A 10% “Tithe” Tax!

1:03 PM 02/14/2017

While many of its proponents are fiscal conservatives, the proposed FAIRtax (FT) admits readily and advertises that it is more progressive than the tax regime that Americans live under today. Of prime importance, its "prebate" feature is not a real refund of taxes paid, as it appears to be. It is a $600B new entitlement, with all Americans receiving a big monthly federal check – a very bad idea for those of us who are not socialists. It is financially and politically unwise to create yet another huge entitlement that will only increase in the future.