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      Scott Erickson

      Scott G. Erickson is an advocate of conservative, principled solutions to the issues facing America. He has worked to advance conservative priorities through coalition building and is an active participant in myriad organizations seeking to restore the foundational principles of America. A committed public servant, he has worked in the field of law enforcement for the past decade and holds both his B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice Studies. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Protect America month a call for vigilance

This past week, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) provided remarks to the Heritage Foundation as Protect America Month kicked off. Outlining the ongoing threats facing the United States, Rep. Cantor emphasized two issues of pressing importance: global nuclear proliferation and domestic and foreign terrorism.

Recent shift in nuclear policy not a means to an end

12:00 AM 04/07/2010

President Obama has recently announced his intention to amend the conditions upon which the United States would engage in nuclear retaliatory measures, even in the face of a biological or chemical attack against our homeland. This policy shift sets a dangerous precedent. Although any use of nuclear weapons constitutes a dramatic escalation in conflict; its use must remain as a practicable deterrent measure against any catastrophic strike against the United States.

The financial impact of crime

12:05 AM 02/19/2010

One of the less obvious effects that crime has on society is the tremendous financial burden it places on both individuals and government. Efforts to more accurately quantify the specific financial costs associated to crime have produced a variety of results; however, one common theme resonates. Both the tangible and intangible costs of crime are placing a severe encumbrance on society and misappropriating significant resources that could otherwise be directed toward more productive endeavors.

Law enforcement violence a disturbing trend

12:05 AM 01/14/2010

Over the past 10 years, violence in America has continued on a downward trend, perpetuating a phenomenon that began several years earlier with the adoption of determinate sentencing practices and a movement toward incapacitation as an underlying theme across the criminal justice system. This trend has proven to be a welcome byproduct of the broad efforts at crime reduction that have emanated from nearly all aspects of the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, a recent spate of violence against law enforcement officers has emphasized the chasm that currently exists between the safety and welfare of the general public and that of those individuals tasked with providing such protections.