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      Steve Milloy

      Steve Milloy publishes and is the author of Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them (Regnery 2009).

Drinking Water Is Contaminated By Junk Science, Not Coal Ash


Scare tactics, bad science and political theater are the few tools remaining in the environmental extremists’ tool belt now that Donald Trump is President and Scott Pruitt is head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And, since they no longer have a supportive White House to do their bidding, environmentalists are training their sights on states, like North Carolina and Virginia where they think they can exert some influence.

What’s killing the bees? Almond stress

10:36 AM 09/06/2013

Bees make honey. It’s a fact so basic that the most valuable bee, Apis mellifera, is commonly known as the honeybee. Yet there’s no money in honey now that U.S. beekeepers must compete with cheaper imports from abroad. Instead, most large commercial beekeepers these days turn a profit providing pollination services to farmers, predominantly almond growers in the spring. The biggest pollinating event of the year is also one of the largest stresses on the health of U.S. bees.

GOP candidates: EPA who?

5:57 PM 08/16/2011

The irony in last week’s Iowa Republican presidential date was that only the RINO slammed the Obama Environmental Protection Agency.

Surgeon general jumps the shark

4:19 PM 12/16/2010

Let’s all thank Surgeon General Regina Benjamin for demonstrating beyond all doubt last week that “nannyism” is more dangerous than smoking.

Chevy saves the planet for $4 per car?

3:30 PM 12/02/2010

General Motors has apparently had an epiphany. GM now “realizes” that it “shares the planet with everyone” and wants “to do more to help keep it clean.” So GM has pledged to buy carbon offsets representing one year’s worth of greenhouse gas emissions from the 1.9 million Chevys projected to be sold during 2011.

Penn State’s integrity crisis

12:36 PM 07/14/2010

Penn State University just exonerated Professor Michael Mann for wrongdoing related to Climategate. While that good news for Mann is no surprise, it came at a dear cost to Penn State – its integrity.

Obama’s inhumanity to India

3:09 PM 07/09/2010

Barack Obama isn’t the one that hundreds of millions of poor Indians have been waiting for. Many unemployed in Milwaukee won’t be too happy either.

Cap-and-pain sinks Dems

12:00 AM 05/21/2010

Sometime before June 7, the so-called Murkowski resolution to block EPA regulation of greenhouse gases will be voted on in the Senate. Democrats up for re-election this fall may want to think twice about a knee-jerk “no” vote.

Kerry-Lieberman’s great American rip-off

12:00 AM 05/13/2010

There are only three things you need to know about the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-trade bill that was released Wednesday—it will accomplish nothing for the environment; it will cost a lot of money and it will financially enrich and politically empower a host of scoundrels.

The Vulture Club

12:00 AM 04/28/2010

I have know for a long time that green activists will say and do anything to advance their twisted cause, but the Sierra Club hit yet another new low this week.

Markey’s legislation by humiliation?

12:00 AM 04/22/2010

Imagine that you’re the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar, publicly owned company and that you’ve been invited to testify before Congress along with several other of your fellow CEOs. Further imagine that, while you’re delivering your testimony, protesters are allowed to physically approach, disrupt and humiliate you—and no security personnel are there to intervene. And then they get away scot-free.