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Democrats playing politics with the most vulnerable among us

Sophia Nelson

For all the rancor coming out of the House Democratic Caucus, its members are once again missing the proverbial forest for the trees, and that is this: The Republicans will take over control of the 112th Congress in January with a 49-seat margin. I am not sure what Nancy Pelosi and others don’t get about this reality, but the truth of the matter is that if the Democrats “shellack” President Obama from his flank and cause this tax package to fail in conference (after the Senate votes), then they are in for a rude awakening come January 2011.

Juan Williams’ NPR firing is bigger than him

12:29 PM 10/22/2010

America, we have a problem.  The problem is plain and simple: political correctness and “gotcha” journalism run amok.

Repairing the GOP’s relationship with the black community

9:15 AM 09/20/2010

A recent Washington Post headline says it all, “Democrats Hope Black Voters Will Save Them."