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Arkansas House votes not to accept Obamacare ‘bribe’

Spencer Amaral

The Arkansas House of Representatives voted this afternoon against accepting federal money for a Medicaid expansion that conservatives in the state argue will hurt taxpayers and low-income workers.

California bill to nullify NDAA unanimously passes committee

3:39 AM 04/12/2013

California lawmakers are pushing a bill that would exempt the state from federal laws authorizing indefinite detention of citizens.

Survey suggests law enforcement united against gun control

1:35 AM 04/10/2013

A new online survey suggests that the vast majority of active and former police officers adamantly oppose President Barack Obama’s proposed bans on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Castro to North Korea: Do not start a war

12:36 AM 04/06/2013

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro warned North Korea against war on Friday, and said that it is primarily the United States' responsibility to prevent a conflict from breaking out.

NRA ‘Shield Initiative’ suggests armed guards, teachers in every school

2:15 AM 04/03/2013

A task force associated with and funded by the National Rifle Association on Tuesday unveiled a 225-page plan to increase school safety that prescribes stationing an armed police officer at every school in America, as well as providing a training program for volunteer staff members to allow them to carry a firearm and better respond to crisis situations.

Attorney: Draconian gun laws put NJ man in prison for 35 days

1:15 AM 03/14/2013

When 33-year-old Jersey City resident and gun owner Keith Pantaleon went to bed on January 24, he never imagined he would spend the next 35 days in a prison cell.

Online poll: Rand Paul the conservative pick for president in 2016

1:08 AM 03/12/2013

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is leading an online poll being conducted by Contract From America as the conservative pick for president in 2016.

Businesses: Environmentalists’ plastic bag bans fuel shoplifting

5:25 PM 03/01/2013

Banning plastic bags was supposed to save the planet, but it looks like those bans are only enabling shoplifters.

Clint Eastwood signs Supreme Court gay marriage petition

3:09 PM 02/28/2013

Actor-director Clint Eastwood has signed the amicus brief calling for the Supreme Court to overturn California’s Proposition 8, which invalidated same-sex marriages in the state.

Prominent conservatives defend gay marriage before Supreme Court

2:19 PM 02/27/2013

More than 100 prominent Republicans have signed an amicus brief supporting gay marriage, which will be submitted to the Supreme Court this week.

Neurosurgeon who ripped Obamacare to president’s face may run for political office

6:38 AM 02/12/2013

The Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon who made headlines recently by pointing out the flaws of Obamacare to President Barack Obama's face announced Monday on "Your World with Neil Cavuto" that he is retiring from surgery in June, which he admitted “does open up a lot of opportunities” -- including potentially a run for political office.

Top neurosurgeon rips Obamacare to president’s face [VIDEO]

8:59 PM 02/08/2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday, telling an audience that included President Barack Obama just how the nation's health care and tax systems should be run.

Tattoo-ly in love: Woman had partner’s name inked on her face – on the day they met

12:27 PM 02/05/2013

Many people have a loved one’s name tattooed somewhere on their body – and plenty live to regret it.

Newtown father: Take my ability to protect my child from my ‘cold, dead hands’ [VIDEO]

3:46 AM 02/05/2013

A video of Newtown, Connecticut dad Bill Stevens is getting attention across the Internet just as President Barack Obama is launching a campaign-style drive to promote gun control measures.

Expulsion reversed for girl who brought plastic gun to school

10:45 AM 02/01/2013

Sumter, SC (WLTX) - A six-year-old girl expelled for bringing a clear plastic gun to class will be allowed to return to school.

White House refuses to respond to congresswoman’s skeet shooting challenge

4:02 PM 01/31/2013

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday refused to respond to Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn's request to skeet shoot one-on-one with President Barack Obama, who attracted skepticism when he claimed in a recent interview with The New Republic that he goes skeet shooting "all the time" at Camp David.

President Obama welcomes the Heat to the White House

10:37 PM 01/28/2013

President Barack Obama welcomed the World Champion Miami Heat to the White House today, in honor of the team’s recent victory in the NBA Finals.

John McCain: Let’s hear from the survivors of the Benghazi attack

2:19 PM 01/24/2013

Republican Ariz. Sen. John McCain wants to hear directly from the survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack, to shed light on questions he says were left unanswered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony to the Senate foreign relations committee Wednesday morning.

Manti Te’o admits to briefly lying about dead girlfriend after discovering hoax

1:57 PM 01/23/2013

In a Tuesday interview with Katie Couric, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o admitted Tuesday to briefly lying to the media after discovering his online girlfriend was a hoax.