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Bryan Cranston’s ‘One Man MLB Show’ Is Pure Gold [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson


Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Tip On $23K Bill

2:39 PM 09/16/2014

What is it with athletes not tipping? I don’t get it. I worked in the restaurant industry for quite some time, and not tipping is one of the scummiest things you can do.

Serbia Goes Nuts After Second Place FIBA Finish

12:54 PM 09/16/2014

A second-place welcoming party in Serbia looks like a fun time. Well, as much fun as you can have in Serbia.

College Hoops Player Charged With Felony After Dance-Off Fight

12:48 PM 09/16/2014

Dance-offs are some serious business around Longwood University. Just ask junior basketball player Shaquille Johnson. He was arrested for felony malicious wounding The Rotunda reports.

NFL Week 2 GIF’d For Your Pleasure

9:01 AM 09/15/2014

Another week nearly down in the NFL, and boy were there some awesome plays.

NIU Alumni Take Out Full-Page Ad Making Fun Of Northwestern

11:41 AM 09/12/2014

Oh yeah! Northern Illinois alumni are on some next level psychological warfare here with a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune taking shots at the University of Illinois and Northwestern.

Giancarlo Stanton Getting Beaned In The Face, Teams Brawl [VIDEO]

9:59 AM 09/12/2014

The Milwaukee Brewers are trying out a new way to play ball: just smash people in the face and hope it pays off. Apparently, it works.

Floyd Mayweather Thinks The Ray Rice Punishment Was Too Harsh

11:15 AM 09/10/2014

Convicted wife-beater and all-around smartest guy in the world Floyd Mayweather told the Associated Press on Tuesday he thinks the NFL was too hard on former Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Ray Lewis Personifies Irony By Admonishing Ray Rice [VIDEO]

6:10 PM 09/08/2014

Is there any greater irony on Earth than Ray Lewis talking down to Ray Rice about his actions?

NFL Insider Adam Schefter Calls Out The NFL About The Ray Rice Video

1:02 PM 09/08/2014

Everybody is turning his or her back on the Ray Rice, Roger Goodell and the NFL after the video from Rice's domestic violence case surfaced Monday. Even ESPN Golden Boy and NFL shill Adam Schefter.

NFL Week One: The Top Plays GIF’d!

11:52 AM 09/08/2014

What a weekend! Week one of the NFL is in the books, and it sure had some crazy moments. The Dolphins stunned the Patriots. The Jets are on their way to an undefeated season. And the Bears made sure I lost money again (I’ll never learn).

Guy Almost Gets Smacked In The Face By A Train [VIDEO]

11:50 AM 09/08/2014

My mom is the sweetest lady in the world. When I was a kid she taught me two very valuable lessons.

Browns Fan Goes On Epic Rant Against The Team

10:56 AM 09/08/2014

Man, it’s got to be tough being a Browns fan.

Guy Bowls A Strike Through His Legs [VIDEO]

2:07 PM 09/05/2014

Bowling is supposed to be a lazy sport. No tricks or any of that nonsense, just the lanes, some beer and me playing Wu-Tang Clan on the jukebox all night.

UConn Basketball Coach Punished For Congratulating Little League Pitcher

1:41 PM 09/05/2014

UConn's Geno Auriemma is in hot water. The NCAA has him right where it wants him and is going to pounce at any moment. Old rule-breaking Geno, the Iago of college basketball. What'd he do this time?

Facebook Releases NFL Fandom Map

1:09 PM 09/05/2014

Facebook released its "NFL Fandom Map" Friday showing which team is the favorite in each county across America.

Josh Gordon Will Spend His Season As A Car Salesman

5:29 PM 09/04/2014

Of course Josh Gordon is spending his suspension as a car salesman. What else is he going to do?

Athletic Director Caught Talking About Athlete’s Mom’s Breasts Resigns

1:58 PM 09/04/2014

Rule number one of being a college athletic director: don't talk about the breasts of a student athlete's mother.

Terry Crews Is Actually An Awesome Painter

11:35 AM 09/04/2014

Terry Crews is a ridiculously talented artist. Go ahead and read that sentence again, because it definitely isn't one that I thought I'd ever write.