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Steve Stanek
Steve Stanek
Research Fellow, The Heartland Institute
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      Steve Stanek

      Steve Stanek is a research fellow for budget and tax policy at The Heartland Institute.

ROC is wrong: Dump the minimum wage

1:39 PM 08/29/2013

Let us thank the union- and taxpayer-backed Restaurant Opportunities Center, which this month has been launching protests around the nation to demand a minimum wage of $15 an hour for restaurant workers. They’ve presented us with a great opportunity to discuss the many reasons the minimum wage is not only bad economics but an affront to freedom.

Higher demand and a weaker economy. What gives?

12:29 PM 09/12/2011

Answer me this: If the president and his economic advisors are right in claiming that the problem with the economy is too little consumer demand, why was consumer spending in the second quarter of this year higher than in mid-2007, before the recession began?