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Michelle Obama’s ‘luxury’ weekend ski trip cost taxpayers at least $83,000

Stephanie Wang

A February 2012 ski trip enjoyed by first lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters cost taxpayers at least $83,000, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

Mia Love: Bad job market means young people should get into politics

3:13 PM 07/12/2012

The best way for young people to deal with the poor job market is to get into politics, said Mia Love, the Republican candidate in Utah’s 4th Congressional District, at a bloggers breakfast Thursday morning.

Animal rights group to sue pork farmers over … paperwork problems?

11:22 PM 07/11/2012

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) picked a fight with pig farmers Wednesday, announcing its intent to sue 51 pork producers over what it said was a failure to report discharges of ammonia into the environment.

Imprisoned Iranian pastor faces further charges

5:13 PM 07/06/2012

Imprisoned Iranian pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, was already sentenced to death in 2010. Now he is set to be tried for new charges of crimes against national security.

Mich. taxpayers trump gov., force Canadian bridge proposal on ballot

12:16 AM 07/04/2012

Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder bypassed his state's legislature and struck a $2 billion deal with Canada to build a U.S. taxpayer-funded bridge from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario. Now a taxpayer group is playing a trump card: a November ballot measure that would put the construction decision in the hands of Michigan voters themselves.

Democrat’s accidental vote legalizes natural gas fracking in North Carolina

5:53 PM 07/03/2012

North Carolina is moving forward to legalize hydraulic fracturing --- commonly called fracking --- after an accidental vote by Democratic state Rep. Becky Carney overrode Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue's veto on Monday.

Suspended Politico reporter says he’s ‘done’

5:52 PM 06/22/2012

After being suspended for making offensive comments about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Politico reporter Joseph Williams says he's out.

Report: NBC to replace ‘Today’ co-host Ann Curry

1:00 PM 06/22/2012

Many have gotten used to Ann Curry appearing on their television screens every morning. But that’s all set to change, according to reports.

Uruguay’s government plans to sell marijuana to citizens

1:38 PM 06/21/2012

Why let drug dealers make a profit when the government can? That seems to be the theory behind Uruguay’s plan for a government takeover of the marijuana industry.

Baby shampoos, soaps may cause positive marijuana urine test

12:19 PM 06/21/2012

A positive THC urine test might be indicative of marijuana use, but it also might be caused by using baby shampoo.

Professor fired after expressing climate change skepticism

1:15 AM 06/20/2012

Oregon State University chemistry professor Nicholas Drapela was fired without warning three weeks ago and has still been given no reason for the university’s decision to “not renew his contract.”

Mitch Daniels for president… of Purdue University?

1:43 PM 06/19/2012

This week, Purdue University officials will vote on the school’s next president. And one possible candidate is Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, WISH-TV reports.

Howard Dean: I don’t give a damn about the individual mandate; hope it does get thrown out

11:25 AM 06/19/2012

Former Democratic Vermont governor Howard Dean told liberal activists at the Take Back the American Dream Conference on Tuesday that he hopes the individual mandate gets thrown out by the Supreme Court, the Washington Examiner reported.

Ann Romney: We’ll take fewer vacations than Obamas

1:46 PM 06/18/2012

Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, told WJR Detroit’s Frank Beckmann that she doubts she and her husband would vacation overseas as frequently as the Obamas have, The Hill reported.

Obama administration enforces some laws; others not so much

11:45 PM 06/15/2012

Medical marijuana providers are getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to the Obama administration’s prosecutorial discretion.

Sheriff Arpaio: Illegal immigrants ‘will still be arrested,’ despite Obama’s policy shift

2:12 PM 06/15/2012

Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a vocal critic of the Obama administration, says he will not follow the Obama administration’s new policy that will allow as many as 800,000 illegal immigrants to remain in the United States legally.

Rand Paul: Endorsing Romney was ‘compromising on strategy, not on principle’

5:51 PM 06/13/2012

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul wants people to know that his endorsement of Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination does not signify an abandonment of his libertarian political beliefs.

Separate and unequal: Swedish Left Party says men should urinate sitting down

3:31 PM 06/13/2012

Sweden is taking equal rights to a whole new level.

Sex sells: Spain to allow brothels and prostitutes to advertise

11:25 AM 06/13/2012

They say sex sells; in this case, literally.