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Steven Kiel
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      Steven Kiel

      Steven Kiel is the president and chief investment officer for Arquitos Capital Management, a Virginia-based investment management firm.

The Hayek Fund: fighting back against the nanny state

Let’s say that you feel very strongly about the environment. You were one of the first to buy a Prius. You eat veggie burgers. You like wind power. When you hear Al Gore’s name you get a little tingly inside (maybe we shouldn’t go there, in light of the recent allegations against him). You may not believe in capitalism, but you’ve got to retire too, right? So you insist on investing only in portfolios made up of “green” companies. If that’s the case, you have a lot of mutual funds and ETFs to choose from -- according to, at least 42. You have another 130 to choose from if you’re a social conservative, or you don’t like war, or you are repulsed by tobacco companies.