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Rep. Scott Tipton
Rep. Scott Tipton
Member of Congress (R-CO)
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      Rep. Scott Tipton

      Rep. Scott Tipton, a Republican from Colorado, is the chairman of the Small Business Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade.

Small businesses need the Keystone Pipeline

Small business owners are concerned about the threat of rising fuel and energy costs. According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey, 77 percent of them say that rising energy prices pose an immediate threat to their business. Small business owners are also worried about the lack of business opportunities in this sluggish economy. The Chamber’s survey shows that 80 percent feel that the administration is not doing enough to keep gas prices low, increase domestic energy sources, or develop an energy policy that supports American jobs. The federal government can do a number of things to ease these concerns but one in particular stands out from the rest.