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      Stewart Lawrence

      Stewart J. Lawrence is a Washington, D.C.-based public policy analyst who writes frequently on immigration and Latino affairs. He is also founder and managing director of Puentes & Associates, Inc., a bilingual survey research and communications firm.

Kid Rock Just Might Win In Michigan

6:07 PM 08/17/2017

Kid Rock for the United State Senate?  It sounds like a publicity stunt, but if the latest polls are accurate, the Republican-leaning musician has a decent chance of besting current office-holder Debbie Stabenow in Michigan, a traditional ‘blue” state that Donald Trump wrested from the Democrats last November.

Assassination Attempt Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Republicans

4:22 PM 06/19/2017

Undoubtedly, last week’s horrific shooting of House Republican whip Steve Scalise and four others on a baseball field in Alexandria, VA was fueled by vitriolic and incendiary anti-Trump rhetoric emanating from the Democrats and their media allies.  And the incident, as bad as it was, could have turned out far worse.

Immigration Enforcement: Trump Steamrolls Ahead

12:23 AM 06/07/2017

Democrats think they’ve come up with the perfect strategy to defeat President Trump and the GOP.  Stonewall every one of his legislative initiatives while promoting a sham “Russia-Gate” investigation so that his administration is plagued with perpetual scandal.

Democrats: Work With Trump Or Risk Further Disarray

4:21 PM 02/28/2017

It’s time for Democrats to admit without equivocation that they lost the 2016 national election.  Donald Trump, a man they find utterly contemptible, is America’s 45th president.  Barring catastrophe, he likely will occupy the White House for the next four years.