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Suzanne Venker
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      Suzanne Venker

      Suzanne Venker is an author and Fox News contributor. She is also the founder of Women for Men (WFM), an organization committed to supporting the needs and rights of boys and men. Suzanne has written extensively about marriage and the family and its intersection with the culture. For more on Suzanne, visit

Open Letter To American Men About Women, Love & Power

4:39 PM 02/20/2017

Believe me when I say I feel your pain. Ever since I wrote The War on Men, back in 2012, I’ve heard from folks across the country and beyond; and there’s just no question that modern-day couples are locked in a perpetual power struggle. No one seems to know what his or her role is anymore—it’s all so ambiguous. The sexes are supposed to be “equal,” but that’s one of those things that sounds good on the surface but doesn’t square with reality. If it did, men and women would be getting along famously.

When She’s The Boss

3:19 PM 01/27/2017

Netflix’s new series, The Crown, is a fascinating portrait of the unusual marriage between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and highlights a cutting-edge marital dynamic: one in which the wife, not the husband, is head of the household.

Why aren’t there more women at the top?

12:28 PM 03/12/2014

The question has been the focus of much conversation lately, thanks to Facebook COO-turned gender equality advocate Sheryl Sandberg. It began with her 2010 TED talk, which ultimately became a book entitled Lean In, which ultimately became a movement. Sandberg’s message is clear: “A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.”

It’s time to end the gender war

2:09 PM 02/21/2014

Marriage between a man and a woman is designed to be a lifetime merger of masculine and feminine beings. Imperfect or not, it’s Mother Nature’s plan. But today it's faced with a new threat, and it's not same-sex marriage. The real problem is America’s gender war: the decades-long battle that has almost single-handedly destroyed the relationship between the sexes.