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Scott Weiser
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An Unconscionable Attack On Judge Gorsuch

U.S. Supreme Court nominee judge Neil Gorsuch testifies during the second day of his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., March 21, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

The teapot tempests are raging in DC over Judge Neil Gorsuch’s qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice. Senate Democrats vied with Republican Senators for ideological supremacy yesterday, but the most ridiculous attack on the eminently qualified candidate appeared from an unanticipated source on Sunday.

Budget-Whiners Are Pernicious Pests

5:34 PM 03/20/2017

It’s budget-whiner season again and progressive big-government gadflies are swarming around President Trump’s proposed budget cuts like the buzzing blood sucking pests that drive arctic caribou herds and humans to literal madness in the Great White North.

“Nineteenth-Century Labor Relations” Bite Uber’s CEO In The Butt

5:54 PM 03/03/2017

Have you ever wondered why Uber mostly airs commercials touting the advantages of being an Uber driver but rarely airs one encouraging people to order an Uber? Well, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s temper tantrum in driver Fawzi Kamel’s car is the perfect example of why this is so. Kamel accused Kalanick of manipulating the fare structure to benefit Uber’s advantage over competitors like Lyft without much concern for how those fare manipulations affect Uber drivers. And Kamel is absolutely correct, that’s exactly what Uber does -- but then again so does Lyft and every other ridesharing company.

Taxing Religious Freedom

3:44 PM 02/20/2017

Is a threat to eliminate the tax exemption of churches that endorse candidates or political parties posed by a 1954 law called the “Johnson Amendment” a constitutional infringement on the rights of church leaders to freely express themselves from the pulpit?

The Internet Of Things Is A Cyber-Disaster In The Making

2:24 PM 02/15/2017

The world has become economically dependent on the Internet. The ability to connect and share information is essential to the functioning not just of economic markets but also of government itself. As computer technology advances we as a society become ever more dependent on an Internet of things that extend far beyond our home computers and laptops. Everything from automobiles to zoos are web-connected today and those connections multiply exponentially as new connected devices are invented and marketed.

Political Islam Is Incompatible With America

7:53 PM 02/13/2017

What is “religion” and what aspects of religion does the First Amendment protect? This is a question that our leaders and our society are reluctant to ask. We see frequent recourse to the text of the Constitution itself where it says “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” but there is precious little debate about what the word religion actually means in that context.

Liberal Judicial Activism Borders On Insurrection

1:48 PM 02/06/2017

President Trump was correct in excoriating liberal activist federal judge James Robart for his grossly legally defective temporary restraining order against President Trump’s temporary travel ban. Beyond excoriation Robart needs to be impeached and removed from the bench for judicial incompetence.