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Steven I. Weissman is an attorney practicing law in South Florida.

He authored a proposed opt-out organ donation system, which some call “presumed consent,”

designed to ease the shortage of human organs for transplantation. The U.S. National Heart

Transplantation Study (1984/85 at page 33-84, note 92), expressly states that it “heavily” relied

upon Weissman’s opt-out proposal. Initially considered a radical idea, presumed consent for

organ donation has been adopted by at least 25 other nations and it is gaining mainstream support

in the U.S.

In 2013, when a long time client and friend died, Weissman was asked to serve as interim

president of an established 247 bed acute care hospital client had founded in Miami-Dade

County, Florida. The insider’s view of the U.S. healthcare system motivated Weissman to

become an energetic advocate for pricing reform.

He has written on healthcare and non-healthcare legal topics and served as an adjunct professor

at both the University of Miami School of Law and Nova University Graduate Management Program.

Trump's Healthcare Price Transparency Charade Will Protect Big Business, Not Ordinary Americans

op-ed | Steven Weissman
It's time for the federal government to promote competition in the healthcare industry

Trump Has A Big Problem To Face: Healthcare Pricing

op-ed | Steven Weissman

Congress Allows Health Care Providers To Be Sleazy Goons Who Charge Whatever They Can Extract

op-ed | Steven Weissman
The cost problem in the health care industry is a lack of any legitimate prices at all

Top Secret: U.S. Health Care Costs

Opinion | Steven Weissman
Your price depends on how much can be extracted from you on an individual basis.

Healthcare Mafia Wrote The Senate Bill

Opinion | Steven Weissman
'The medical mafia gets its money and we all lose.'

24 Years Of Deception: Health 'Reform' And The CBO's Report

Opinion | Steven Weissman
Medical providers need toplay by the same rules that apply to all other sellers of consumer services.

Health Reform: Same Old Bipartisan Scam

Opinion | Steven Weissman
Nobody knows what their bill would look like in a free-market system.

GOP Plan May Shove Single-Payer Medicine Down America's Throat

Opinion | Steven Weissman
Only free market competition can effectively push down healthcare prices.

Former Hospital President: Republican Health 'Reform' Is Like Paying $500,000 For A Junker

Opinion | Steven Weissman
Because the 'reform' fails to allow price competition for medical services, it will fail exactly like Obamacare.

HHS Secretary Tom Price: The Epic Healthcare Swindle Must End

Opinion | Steven Weissman
Families cannot afford the same mistake again.

Former Hospital Chief: Cure For Healthcare Sticker Shock Unites Republicans And Democrats

Opinion | Steven Weissman
No congressperson can oppose legitimate pricing or defend our predatory system.

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