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Steven Weissman
Steven Weissman
Former Hospital President
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      Steven Weissman

      Steven I. Weissman is an attorney practicing law in South Florida.

      He authored a proposed opt-out organ donation system, which some call “presumed consent,”

      designed to ease the shortage of human organs for transplantation. The U.S. National Heart

      Transplantation Study (1984/85 at page 33-84, note 92), expressly states that it “heavily” relied

      upon Weissman’s opt-out proposal. Initially considered a radical idea, presumed consent for

      organ donation has been adopted by at least 25 other nations and it is gaining mainstream support

      in the U.S.

      In 2013, when a long time client and friend died, Weissman was asked to serve as interim

      president of an established 247 bed acute care hospital client had founded in Miami-Dade

      County, Florida. The insider’s view of the U.S. healthcare system motivated Weissman to

      become an energetic advocate for pricing reform.

      He has written on healthcare and non-healthcare legal topics and served as an adjunct professor

      at both the University of Miami School of Law and Nova University Graduate Management Program.

Top Secret: U.S. Health Care Costs

11:02 AM 08/07/2017

Perhaps Mr. Putin might consider releasing the total cost projections for this coming weeks’ proposed Obamacare repeal and replace legislation – we’re not going to get it from anyone associated with our government.

Health Reform: Same Old Bipartisan Scam

4:12 PM 05/04/2017

Todays’ House action shows that when it comes to health reform, our elected representatives know one song Everything Old is New Again. Whether it’s called Obamacare or Trumpcare, healthcare is the only consumer product or service sold in the USA that is exempt from ‘legitimate’ pricing or any form of consumer protection.