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The Judiciary Thinks It Knows Best About Terrorism

2:42 PM 03/20/2017

With his palpable tone of moral sneering and intellectual superiority in placing a temporary nation-wide stay on President Trump’s second immigration executive order, Hawaii federal district judge Derrick Watson has ratcheted up judicial activism beyond even what other federal judges had done against the first executive order.  Last week, Watson found that the second order was directed against Muslims as Muslims and therefore violated the Establishment Clause.

“Transgender” Is Not A Federal Civil Rights Category

11:08 AM 02/01/2017

As for the agenda of the Obama administration to invent the civil rights category of “transgender identity” and insert it into federal laws without the involvement of Congress, it is well to review where it stands right now, at the beginning of the Trump administration. The holdings of the three recent cases described below show that the legislative usurpations by the Obama administration on this subject can be cured and eliminated by new executive action by President Trump.

Suing To Win Elections

4:57 PM 12/05/2016

In the current climate of open opposition to the electoral college by infuriated progressives, as well as the effort to undermine the election results by initiating voter recounts where there is no evidence of voter fraud, and together with numerous denunciations of the rise of populism, domestic and foreign, the Supreme Court is hearing two cases today about that most populist of all political acts: voting. Both cases involve attempts to undermine the redrawing of legislative districts by Republican-controlled state legislatures.