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Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton Party At Cannes

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 18:  Paris Hilton attends

Justin Bieber proved to be to much of a douche even for Paris Hilton.

Brad Pitt Tossed Matthew McConaughey A Beer Across NOLA Balcony [VIDEO]

2:24 PM 05/19/2014

If you saw Matthew McConaughey you would either a) throw him a shirt because nine times out of 10 he isn't wearing one or b) toss him a beer if he wasn't drinking one.

‘Mad Men’ Recap: Season 7 Episode 11, ‘The Strategy’

1:57 PM 05/19/2014

Sure, Sunday's episode of "Mad Men," "The Strategy" was all about how SC&P was going to get the Burger Chef. But really, it was all about family.

Definitive List Of Texas Cities, Ranked

10:07 AM 05/19/2014

Here is the definitive list of Texas cities, ranked:

Amy Poehler Gave Up Her First Class Seat For A Mom

12:29 PM 05/16/2014

Amy Poehler continues to be the best celebrity in the business.

Hero Cat Will Throw Out First Pitch At Baseball Game [VIDEO]

9:40 AM 05/16/2014

No, this is not a headline from The Onion, but a real thing that is actually happening.

TMZ Paid $250,000 For Jay Z/ Solange Elevator Fight Video

10:35 AM 05/15/2014

The person who leaked the elevator security footage showing Beyonce's sister Solange hitting and kicking Jay Z got VERY rich -- right before they got fired. (RELATED VIDEO: Beyonce's Sister Attacked Jay Z)

Will Jill Abramson Get Her New York Times Tattoo Removed?

2:54 PM 05/14/2014

Jill Abramson is learning the hard way that permanent ink is very permanent.

Justin Bieber Accused Of Attempted Robbery

10:10 AM 05/14/2014

Canadian outlaw Justin Bieber might just take another trip to the clink after he allegedly tried to steal some poor fan's cell phone.

Report: Solange Knowles Attacked Jay Z Because He Wanted To Party With Rihanna

4:11 PM 05/13/2014

We may never be able to definitively analyze 2014's equivalent of the Zapruder film --the video of Beyonce's sister beating the crap out of Jay Z in an elevator -- in our lifetime. But we can certainly try.

Alec Baldwin Arrested For Riding Bike Wrong Way Down NYC Street

12:15 PM 05/13/2014

Actor and anger management therapy-goer Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York City Tuesday for riding his bike the opposite direction down a busy street and then for mouthing off to the cops.

Man Claims To Be Son Of Zodiac Killer In New Book

11:55 AM 05/13/2014

A man claiming to be the long lost son of the never-identified Zodiac Killer has written a book about his discovery.

Mother’s Day 2014, May 11: Thanks, Mom(s)

11:04 PM 05/07/2014

The last Mother's Day I ever spent with my mom was 16 years ago. I was 11.

10 Best Episodes Of ‘Friends’

3:40 PM 05/06/2014

The last new episode of "Friends" aired on May 6, 2004.

Dog And Disabled Kitten Are Best Friends [VIDEO]

2:17 PM 05/06/2014

Max, this over-protective cattle dog, never lets his best friend Ralphee, a kitten with feline cerebellar hypoplasia, out of his sight.

‘Jeopardy’ Uses ‘YOLO’ As A Clue

12:44 PM 05/06/2014

Everyone knows that "Jeopardy" is like the Jay-Z of all game shows.

Monica Lewinsky Requests Correction From Beyoncé

11:02 AM 05/06/2014

Monica Lewinsky would like for Beyoncé to change one of the lyrics in her new single "Partition."

Met Gala 2014: Kate Upton, Blake Lively [PHOTOS]

10:31 AM 05/06/2014

Someone who must REALLY hate Kate Upton managed to make her look -- well -- like this at the 2014 Met Gala on Monday night:

‘Mad Men’ Recap, Season 7 Episode 4: ‘The Monolith’

11:08 AM 05/05/2014

We're halfway through the first half of the final season of "Mad Men" -- whew, that was a mouthful -- and so far Don hasn't ENTIRELY screwed up yet.

Listen To Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Single, ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ [VIDEO]

12:06 PM 05/02/2014

Michael Jackson's new single (yes, he is dead, but his estate is releasing a slew of posthumous songs) off of his forthcoming album "Xcape" is great.