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Missouri University’s website wins the Internet

Missouri University did this to its website, either because it's April Fools' Day or it is like this all the time and nobody noticed before because no one goes to the Missouri University website.

Tom Cruise will face off against drones in ‘Top Gun’ sequel [VIDEO]

2:30 PM 04/01/2014

If Tom Cruise can't prove that fighter pilots still matter, no one can.

Analyzing the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale

12:30 PM 04/01/2014

I never watched "How I Met Your Mother" because it premiered in 2005 when I had far better things to do, like watch "The O.C." (may it rest in peace).

Woman spends $25k to look like Jennifer Lawrence, doesn’t [VIDEO]

12:05 PM 03/31/2014

A 30-year-old woman spent $25,000 and six hours in an operating room to look like her "idol," 23-year-old movie star Jennifer Lawrence, and now looks nothing like Jennifer Lawrence.

8 things for women NOT to do in bed, according to a man in 1945

1:41 PM 03/28/2014

The Debrief recently picked up a copy of Thomas D. Horton's 1945 book, "What Men Don't Like About Women" and scanned some of the most unbelievable pages to help us sisters out. (It is unclear if this book was written for women, or to remind men why women are terrible. Either way, it's hilarious.)

University of Iowa denies HBO request to film ‘Girls’ there

12:01 PM 03/28/2014

The University of Iowa won't give Lena Dunham permission to film her terrible show there.

Bill Murray’s pants are better than your pants [PHOTO]

3:29 PM 03/27/2014

Coolest dude of all time Bill Murray has better pants than you own, have owned or will ever own.

Report: Miley Cyrus blew off Make-A-Wish kid

2:38 PM 03/27/2014

Miley Cyrus was too busy creating terrible music to pay attention to a Make-A-Wish kid.

James Franco denies he hooked up with Lindsay Lohan

10:43 AM 03/27/2014

Lindsay Lohan named the artist currently known as James Franco as one of her many conquests on her handwritten sex list. (RELATED: More of Lindsay Lohan's sex victims named)

New reality series tricks women into thinking they are dating Prince Harry

4:35 PM 03/26/2014

In what sounds like a reality show concept that was made up for an extra dumb "Saturday Night Live" skit but is actually an actual thing that is happening, FOX is moving forward with a dating series in which women are led to believe that they are competing to date Prince Harry.

Gwyneth Paltrow announces separation from Chris Martin

9:33 AM 03/26/2014

Gwyneth Paltrow may know that gargling coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes will result in whiter teeth and a healthier body* and that all you need to do to stay thin is have your personal chef whip up kale smoothies for you three times per day, but she doesn't have a remedy for a broken marriage.

Kanye West bought Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings

2:13 PM 03/25/2014

What do you buy for the woman who has -- quite literally -- everything?  Some fast food chains, natch. And apparently, that's exactly what Kanye West did.

Kevin Connolly breaks leg filming ‘Entourage’ [PHOTO]

1:11 PM 03/25/2014

Tiny man and "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly somehow thought that playing football with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was a good idea. It was not!

Adorable little boy recites every bad word he knows [VIDEO]

12:30 PM 03/25/2014

This adorable little boy was told to recite every bad word that he knows.

Man base jumps off One World Trade Center [VIDEO]

10:57 AM 03/25/2014

This is what it looks like to jump off of One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Actor James Rebhorn wrote his own lovely obituary

10:43 AM 03/25/2014

Character actor James Rebhorn, who popped up in everything from "Scent of a Woman" to "Independence Day" to "30 Rock" and "Homeland," lost his battle to melanoma over the weekend at the age of 65.

Pharrell knows Hillary Clinton will be the next president

10:06 AM 03/25/2014

Ageless rapper, wearer of dumb hats and reason behind that "Happy" song that plays on the radio 19 times per day, Pharrell Williams, knows that Hillary Clinton will be the next president because blood is blue and red. Or something.

Kanye West is a vampire [PHOTO]

1:23 PM 03/24/2014

Rapper, father and man-sized toddler Kanye West is also a vampire and there is photographic evidence to prove it.

One month after engagement, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher expecting a baby

11:17 AM 03/24/2014

Ashton Kutcher has impregnated Mila Kunis, proving everyone who thought that their relationship was simply an elaborate episode of "Punk'd" wrong.

Only three remain in Buffett’s billion dollar March Madness bracket

3:33 PM 03/21/2014

After Duke University lost to Mercer University in a surprising upset Friday, there are only three people in the entire world left in Warren Buffett's billion dollar bracket challenge.