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The Media’s Wishful Thinking About The Tea Party’s Demise

Todd Cefaratti
Editor, Tea Party News Network

Remember when, in 2010, after the tea party swept the House and regained seats in the Senate for the Republicans, the media tried desperately to downplay the upstart, grassroots movement?

Americans favor Tea Party principles over progressive ideas by 2-to-1 margin

4:11 PM 03/07/2013

The left has never really known what to do with the Tea Party. In the beginning of our movement, the left was quick to deny the very existence of our grassroots efforts, calling it “Astroturf” --- the product of evil, corporate interests that, somehow, were financing every handmade sign being waved across the country.

Karl Rove and the definition of insanity

12:11 PM 02/11/2013

With their attacks on tea party conservatives, Karl Rove and his cohorts have fired the first salvo in the Great GOP War of 2013. The strangest aspect of this is that even as Rove denounces conservatism in favor of his unique brand of watered-down compromise, he appears to be looking to capitalize on conservatism itself.