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Tom G. Del Beccaro
Tom G. Del Beccaro
Former Chairman, Republican Party of California
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      Tom G. Del Beccaro

      Thomas Del Beccaro is an author, radio, and TV commentator and former Chairman of the California Republican Party. Tom’s first book, The New Conservative Paradigm, analyzed the role of tax policy in our presidential and congressional politics from the 1950s to 2010. Tom is currently working on his new book The Divided Era.

It’s Time To Build A National Consensus On Immigration Around National Security

3:38 PM 02/02/2016

Our broken immigration system has been bad for the country and a source of political division for well over a decade. Some want a so-called “comprehensive” solution to the crisis, but the prospects for it actually happening (let alone being a solution) are not good amidst our divisions. It’s time to rise above the existing gridlock and build a national consensus based on national security.

Hillary’s Emails Place The American Legal System On Trial

3:20 PM 11/10/2015

In this presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton is telling the world our economic system is rigged for the benefit of the rich. In truth, our economy is more dynamic and fairer than she claims. Our legal system, however, will not be if she gets away with her email scandal.

President Obama squanders the currency of foreign policy: trust

10:19 AM 09/25/2013

The German Statesman Otto von Bismark told us that “politics is the art of the possible.” In foreign relations, what is possible is a matter of trust built on consistency. From the outset of his presidency, Barack Obama has either displayed a total lack of understanding of that idea, or simply chosen to undermine it at every turn.

Obama’s lament: No foreign policy by executive order

6:08 PM 09/10/2013

In time, the Obama presidency could well be remembered as the “First Person Presidency.” From the outset, including on foreign policy issues, Obama told us his very existence would solve even the most difficult problems. As president, Obama often has relied on executive orders in lieu of collaborative legislative action. When it comes to modern day international relations, however, unilateral action from a head of state without the consent of the legislature or the public is not likely to work. Syria is proving to be a case study of just that.