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      Tyler Grant

      Tyler Grant is a lawyer in New York. His work has been featured in publications such as The Hill, Yale Global, Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law. He is a graduate of University of Virginia School of Law and Washington and Lee University. @tygreggrant”

The Step-by-Step Guide To Gun Violence In America

6:08 PM 11/08/2017

Gun violence and terrorism happen too often in America. This piece isn’t to convince you why particular violence happens or how to end mass shootings, but mainly to illustrate how broken America is that there are expected responses to these kinds of tragedies that are unpalatable and unsatisfying.

The Top 25 Progressives To Follow On Twitter

6:25 PM 10/19/2017

America’s intellectual divide is growing. Democrats received ample criticism for being out of touch with non-urban America that led to President Trump. To correct this divide and increase the progressive Left’s understanding of their conservative neighbors, Salon.com posted an article about conservative Twitter accounts their readers ought to follow. Though, Salon, never missing an opportunity, smugly entitled the article “The 25 Conservatives Actually Worth Following On Twitter” (emphasis mine).

The Boy Scouts Of America Has Lost Its Way

5:58 PM 10/12/2017

The Boy Scouts of America has trekked out into the wilderness and lost its way. On Wednesday, the Boy Scouts announced that it will open Cub Scouting to all-girl dens and will explore a path to Eagle Scout for girls. The move undermines the mission statement of the Boy Scouts, does a disservice to the young men in the organization, and creates purposeless competition with the Girl Scouts.

Universal Basic Income Is A Lazy Solution To The Oncoming Labor Crisis

5:23 PM 06/26/2017

Silicon Valley has looked into the future and seen what many of us are seeing – automation and technology are replacing jobs faster than businesses are creating them. What started as a mere murmurings has reverberated louder into an open call from some of the wealthiest businesspeople in the United States including Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk for universal basic income.

Trade-Off Politics

5:13 PM 06/12/2017

Real life is a series of trade-offs: How will I allocate my paycheck? How do I spend my Saturday? Americans make these choices every day because we have finite time and the majority of Americans have limited resources.

Conservatism Needs To Be The Ideology Of Nuance

4:33 PM 05/30/2017

Arguments on the left have grown to hysterics and those on the extreme right have devolved into the conspiratorial (Seth Rich?). Right now, conservative America might need to be more vocal and nuanced in order to right a careening public forum.

Give A Golf Clap For Less Governing

9:09 PM 03/13/2017

Trump hit the links for the ninth time since taking office seven weeks ago. Already Trump has set an aggressive time-off schedule that has many Democrats perturbed at the vacationing Executive.

The Conservative Case Against The Death Penalty

2:19 PM 02/16/2017

James Bigby is scheduled to die. On March 14, the state of Texas will execute Mr. Bigby for the double murder of Michael Trekell and his infant son. Mr. Bigby has been in police custody since 1987 and on death row since 1994.