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OPINION: SAT Shift To Common Core TOTALLY SHAFTS Poor Kids

Education | The Atlantic
Rich will get richer thanks to SAT alignment with Common Core

Sexting Is A Totally Normal Thing For American High School Kids Now

Education | The Atlantic

SHOCKER: American School Kids Won't Eat Quinoa, Bring Flamin' Hot Cheetos Instead

Education | The Atlantic
Who could have predicted that kids would hate vegetarian curries?

America didn't used to be full of wusses who close schools because of some cold air

Education | The Atlantic
'You may come to the stove and get warm before you take your seat'

Can it possibly be true that Facebook makes high school kids better writers?

Education | The Atlantic
A high school English teacher opines

Is it a good idea to yank your kids out of the standardized testing racket?

Education | The Atlantic
'It takes some effort and 'balls' to opt out'

Do private schools suck even worse than public schools?

Education | The Atlantic
Book argues that public schools are better when controlling for demographics

A dude tries to do his eighth-grade daughter's homework for a week; hilarity ensues

Education | The Atlantic
'School is training her well for the inanities of adult life'

Smugglers are literally shooting drugs out cannons towards the US

US | The Atlantic
Some strange canisters have been popping up near the Colorado River

How teachers will use e-readers to catch cheaters

Education | The Atlantic
Teachers can now monitor the amount of time students spend reading assigned texts.

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