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Scientists create new test to detect Alzheimer’s

June Springer, walks between offices, where she works at Caffi Contracting Services, Friday, July 12, 2013 in Alexandria, Va. Springer who just turned 90, works as a receptionist.  People who delay retirement have less risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia, a study of half a million people in France found. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

There is no definitive test for the brain-wasting disease. Doctors rely on cognition tests and brain scans.

Authorities ‘use analytics tool that recognises sarcasm’

10:28 AM 07/04/2013

French company Spotter has developed an analytics tool that claims to have up to 80 percent accuracy in identifying sarcastic comments posted online.

German railways to test anti-graffiti drones

1:37 PM 05/28/2013

The idea is to use airborne infra-red cameras to collect evidence, which could then be used to prosecute vandals who deface property at night.

Northern Ireland police intercept mortars ‘within minutes’ of launch

3:10 PM 03/04/2013

Four live mortar bombs were intercepted by police in Northern Ireland minutes before being launched, a senior detective has said.

Fragments of ancient continent buried under Indian Ocean

3:43 PM 02/25/2013

Fragments of an ancient continent are buried beneath the floor of the Indian Ocean, a study suggests.

Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela after Cuba cancer care

10:55 AM 02/18/2013

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned to the country after receiving treatment for cancer in Cuba.

Finmeccanica’s Giuseppe Orsi held on corruption charges

12:41 PM 02/13/2013

Giuseppe Orsi has been under investigation for bribery and embezzlement for several months. He has always denied any wrongdoing.

MPs discuss plan for gay marriage vote

12:53 PM 02/05/2013

MPs are debating the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill and will vote on it at about 1900 GMT.

US employee ‘outsourced job to China’

12:29 PM 01/23/2013

A security check on a US company has reportedly revealed one of its staff was outsourcing his work to China.

New rape claim in Strauss-Kahn inquiry in France

12:40 PM 05/04/2012

Magistrates in France have asked for a new investigation into alleged rape involving former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.