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You know you can’t resist a good campus ghost story

The College Fix
Photo: Facebook/Fordham University

A college campus is a great place for a ghost story to take root. From library stacks to lecture halls, universities are targets for students and locals alike to get their fix of hauntingly scary stories come Halloween.

Survey: nearly 10 percent of Yale students have been paid for sex

3:58 AM 03/06/2013

Nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a recent survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once. Three percent said they had participated in bestiality, and more than half said they had "engaged in consensual pain" during sex.

Swarthmore students learn that Jesus was bisexual

12:18 AM 02/12/2013

A recent guest lecture at Swarthmore College by a prominent homosexual seminary professor highlighted a growing argument among the so-called queer community that Jesus was bisexual.

Feminists rage over ad in MIT rag seeking smart Asian egg donor

4:41 AM 01/11/2013

A recent full-page ad in MIT’s The Tech student newspaper that sought an Asian egg donor with a high grade-point average has drawn the ire of two campus feminist groups, who in an op-ed called it racist, sexist, misleading, and said it promotes stereotypes.

Mucho bizarro! Leftist prof claims whites arming for race war against Latinos

9:48 PM 11/16/2012

The recent election marked the end of “Anglo Saxon” domination over the United States and the beginning of a possible race war between whites and Latinos, said Linda Martín Alcoff, a well-known philosopher from the City University of New York, during a lecture at Columbia University on Wednesday.

Professors call secession petitioners ‘idiots,’ probably racist, too

4:17 PM 11/15/2012

Several professors across the nation have dismissed efforts by more than 500,000 Americans to secede from the U.S., labeling petitioners as emotional, even “idiots,” and likening the movement to a fairy tale. One professor even implied the effort is racist.