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This Tablet-Shaped Flask Stores Up To 12 Ounces Of Liquor

1:56 PM 03/21/2018

If you're searching for a way to make company parties or walks around the city slightly more enjoyable, then it's a smart idea to invest in a flask that remains hidden in plain sight. With a StashPad Flask, make your life more fun with a tablet-shaped container that gives you quick and discreet access to your favorite drinking and smoking indulgences.

Your Nintendo Switch Game Will Never Die with this Battery Charger Case

11:57 AM 03/21/2018

We all know what it's like. You're in the middle of a video game level, you're right about to get those last few points you need to advance, and you're battery suddenly dies, leaving you right back where you started. Once the aggravation has passed, you know you need to better prepare yourself, even when you're always on-the-go. Keep your Nintendo Switch at 100% battery at all times so you can rescue the princess and save the day using the Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case.

This Silicone Sink Strainer Catches All That Garbage So You Don’t Have To

2:30 PM 03/20/2018

Everyone's least favorite chore is digging their hand deep into your sink to pick out excess food and garbage that's clogging up the whole disposal. And when we stick our hand down there, it's a great black hole where we don't even know what we'll find. Well now, you don't have to play that mystery game of "what old food am I holding now?" Keep your sink clog-free without getting your handy covered in grime using the Original Tweak Strainer.

Dive Into Data Science With This Introductory Course For Less Than $15

10:30 AM 03/18/2018

Whether you're looking for a new job or seeking a promotion, it's a smart idea to invest in educational resources that teach you practical knowledge about how to understand our data-driven world — no matter your industry of interest. With the Introduction To Data Science: Lifetime Access course, take your future into your own hands by learning valuable skills that will help you thrive in the ever-growing digital workforce.

Boost Your Career Opportunities By Learning How To Leverage LinkedIn

5:05 PM 03/17/2018

Whether you're a recent college graduate or 20 years deep in the workforce, using the world's most popular professional social networking site has incredible career benefits — that is, if you know how to leverage its power in the right ways. With LinkedIn Bootcamp, increase your career opportunities by understanding how to optimize the site for your very own professional transformation.

This Microsoft Office Bundle Will Make You an Expert in No Time

2:54 PM 03/16/2018

In today's job market, knowing how to navigate through the Microsoft Office Suite is an absolute must. People tend to take it off their resumes simply because employer's expect you and everyone else to come to the interview fully understanding the program. But some of us didn't grow up learning the ins and outs of the Suite. Well now, you can get that Microsoft education you need for any future job interview at the price you need it to be with the Pay What You Want: Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle.