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Travel Light With These Multi-Purpose Wallets

3:04 PM 01/17/2018

When you're on the road, it's best to travel light. Bundeze Bandit Multi-Tool Wallets help you maintain ease and convenience when you're out and about, for just $21. Not only for storing money, the Band-it offers metric and standard wrenches, Phillips and Regular bits, and a bottle opener. With all these tools to help you get out of a sticky situation, the wallet sure serves more purposes than most. Plus, it's highly durable, made of aircraft grade hard coat anodized aluminum in Michigan. Of course, like any standard wallet, this one can also hold cash and cards, with enough room for eight cards or 30 bills. Oh, and did we mention it's also waterproof? Get one for yourself for only $21 at The Daily Caller Shop.

Keep Wine From Spoiling (And Spilling) With These Stainless Steel Lidded Glasses

1:16 PM 01/17/2018

Summer is a time for barbecuing, and all those hot dogs and burgers will taste even better washed down with a glass of wine. But when you're flipping patties and helping yourself to chips, you might need to set your glass down at some point. That's when a lid for your glass comes in handy. Stainless steel and kitchen grade, this glass will keep wine the temperature you'd like for hours. Distractions happen while you're lounging in the summer sun -- don't let your wine spoil because of them. With a Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Glass With Lid, you can set your glass down without worry, and it's yours for $22 at The Daily Caller Shop.

This Charging Pad Is Perfect For Photography Enthusiasts

9:58 AM 01/15/2018

The Power Lens Qi Charging Pad is an innovative smartphone charging solution designed in the shape of a short-barreled camera lens. This pad charges compatible smartphones up to 1.5 times faster than standard charges with its high-speed, 10W charging capabilities. Here's how it works: just place any Qi-enabled device on the charging pad, listen for a shutter click sound, and know that your smartphone has begun charging! In addition to limiting the cable clutter of any space — whether that be a desk, nightstand, or table — this compact charging pad also makes an incredible gift for the photography enthusiast in your life. Best of all, it's 25 percent off in The Daily Caller Shop.

Breathalyze Yourself With This Handy Smartphone App

9:39 AM 01/14/2018

The BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer is the smallest and most straightforward way to turn nearly any smartphone into a high-performance alcohol screening device. First, wirelessly sync with the free BACtrack app via Bluetooth connectivity. Then, simply open the flip-up mouthpiece, blow for 5 seconds and voila, you have an ultra-accurate BAC reading right on your smartphone. Slip the compact BACtrack Vio into your pocket or use as a keychain. ZeroLine® Technology gets an accurate read on when your BAC will return to 0.00%, and the sanitary flip-up mouthpiece keeps germs and impurities out. Try the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer at the discounted price of $40 at The Daily Caller Shop.

Spice Up Your Room With This LED Lightbulb

2:56 PM 01/13/2018

Want something new and different to spice up your room? Add some ambiance to your home or yard with this creative LED Flame Flicker Lightbulb that looks almost like magic. Emitting a 1300K True Fire Color temperature, this simple bulb puts a new spin on typical lighting by appearing as a fully lit torch. It can orient itself either upward or downward, and light may be deemed or intensified accordingly. It even features a flickering mode like a flaming fire, or you can go with the general, stable lighting mode.