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      Tamara Holder

      Tamara N. Holder is one of the nation’s rising attorneys and legal analytical stars. She is a Contributor for Fox News Channel. She has received recognition from some of the country’s most respected people, organizations and publications.

      Tamara founded The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC in 2005. Her work includes: criminal defense, expungement, race discrimination, police brutality, public policy, and pro bono practices.

      Soon after she founded her practice, Tamara quickly realized how even a dismissed misdemeanor arrest can return to haunt people. Many of her clients found themselves facing lifetime bans on employment, education, adoption, even access to credit – all because of a prior arrest record. Seeing the need for outreach in this area, Tamara founded www.xpunged.com, a practice that provides a second chance to those individuals who have expungeable offenses under Illinois law. She also helps ex-offenders seek a Governor’s pardon for non-expungeable offenses.

      Shortly thereafter, Tamara was invited to work with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Founder and President of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. With a commitment to pro bono work unparalleled in the City of Chicago, she founded The Rainbow PUSH Expungement Clinic at its headquarters in 2006. Every Monday night, a crowd gathers for her to review their criminal records and provide advice on expungements and other legal issues.

      Tamara also works closely with Rev. Jackson in crafting and executing public policy initiatives, together with programs to increase opportunities for minorities and the economically disadvantaged; as well as initiatives designed to get guns off the nations streets, help reduce street gang violence, and offer educational opportunities for young people. As a result of her work, she quickly caught the attention of not only Chicago’s civic leaders, but also of those nationwide.

      Tamara was the first in the country to expose the railroad industry’s improper employment practices toward those with criminal records. She spearheaded a Congressional inquiry and a hearing before the Congressional Committee of Homeland Security in February of 2007. Then, in July of 2007, Tamara testified as an expert witness before the Congressional Committee of Transportation, Sub-Committee of Maritime and Infrastructure. Her testimony was crucial to preventing passage of an invasive, anti-worker, anti-business piece of legislation calling for mandatory identification cards for transportation workers, a statutory scheme criticized by organized labor and management alike.

      In 2008, the Chicago Sun-Times recognized Tamara as one of “50 People Who Make Chicago a Better Place.” In 2009, her work was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

      Tamara has met with Illinois Governors Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn on the issue of pardons and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on criminal sentencing and expungement laws. She has met with numerous Congressmen, including John Conyers, Bennie Thompson, and Sheila Jackson-Lee, as well as members of the Department of Homeland Security, including former Administrator of TSA, Kip Hawley on the issue of the relationship between hiring practices and terrorism.

      Tamara sits on the exclusive board of Women of Power (an organization within the Cook County Sheriff’s Office), alongside Congressmen Danny Davis and Jesse Jackson, Jr., as well as many judges and elected officials. The organization is devoted to helping women rehabilitate who are caught within the criminal justice system. She also sits on the board of Horizon prison ministry, Tamara believes in rehabilitation over incarceration for drug abusers.

      Tamara is an early graduate from college (The University of Arizona, 2000) and from law school (The John Marshall Law School, 2005). While in law school, she learned criminal trial practice as an intern for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago and contract negotiation and mediation Miramax Films in Los Angeles.

The Charlie Sheen drug

10:56 AM 03/01/2011

First, there was the news that Charlie Sheen was on yet another cocaine binge, this time with a porn star locked in hotel room closet. Then, there was Sheen’s in-home rehab. Next was the news that CBS was canceling the final eight episodes of “Two and a Half Men,” followed by Sheen’s bizarre media tour where he blamed everyone but himself, and spoke of reports about his behavior as “the gibberish of fools.” He did, however, admit to being under the influence of one drug: “Charlie Sheen.”

Reporters aren’t the only victims of sexual assault

12:46 PM 02/21/2011

As a Fox News Channel contributor, I often find myself in heated debates with our country’s best television hosts, analysts and experts. I am always honored to have a platform to respectfully disagree with my conservative opponents.

Republicans beware: Mark Kirk is a liberal

3:11 AM 10/07/2010

What does Illinois Tea Party candidate Michael Labno have to do to get some attention around here? Does he have to be more like Christine O’Donnell: should he make some bizarre comment about meatballs, get caught buying vibrators and boil some frogs?

Ms. Christine O’Donnell cordially invites you to please join our tea party! You can bring your cauldron, but please leave your vibrator at home.

9:03 AM 09/21/2010

I'm not a Tea Partier. I'm not a Republican. But, that doesn't mean this post has anything to do with a Christine O'Donnell witch-hunt, no pun intended. We're all entitled to our opinions and political party allegiances. I don't judge people with whom I disagree on values or political positions; however, if you can't back up your opinions with facts, expect an open season for ridicule.

Clemens has only himself to blame for Congressional investigation

7:22 PM 08/30/2010

Allegations that you were once a steroid-using cheat must be very painful, especially if you are innocent. But to challenge the veracity of a Congressional report of which you were not the intended target is plain foolish. It is even more idiotic to ask Congress and the Feds to narrow their bullseye onto just you.

Proposition 8 proponents made judge’s decision easy

4:32 PM 08/05/2010

For many, same-sex marriage evokes a broad array of passionate feelings. But, yesterday's federal court ruling that struck down California's same-sex marriage ban, Proposition 8, is not about feelings. In fact, yesterday's ruling is not really even about the legality of Proposition 8 inasmuch as it is about the proponents' complete failure to argue why Proposition 8 should have been upheld.