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Thaddeus G. McCotter
Thaddeus G. McCotter
Former Member of Congress
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      Thaddeus G. McCotter

      Thaddeus G. McCotter is a Detroit native, guitar player, lawyer and recovering Congressbum.

The Strategic Conundrum Of Defeating Islamic Terrorism: The Vacuity Of Modernity

A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter holds a a rocket-propelled grenade launcher as he takes up position in an area overlooking Baretle village (background), which is controlled by the Islamic State, in Khazir, on the edge of Mosul September 8, 2014.  REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Throughout history, violent, extremist ideologies have arisen and asserted they are necessary to transcend the existing, unjust societal order. From Jacobins to fascists to communists to Islamic terrorists, each abhorrent movement has sought to create a new order, “recreating” humanity by forcefully “liberating” their fellow human beings from the consternating complexities and perceived failings of their ages.

Is ‘The D’ now ‘The Done’?

11:13 AM 07/19/2013

As Detroit’s state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr discovered on the “scar-hopping” tour of blighted areas he took with the city’s creditors, it’s hard for outsiders to understand this city. Hell, it’s hard for Detroiters to understand it. Unfortunately, the nation’s largest bankruptcy will do little to ameliorate this and, in fact, will likely impede it.

In Aeternum

9:27 PM 12/02/2012

At night the soldiers slept, the prisoners prayed and the jungle shrieked with life.

National security for beginners

2:21 PM 10/24/2012

Amidst our nation's rightful focus on our struggling economy, Monday night's foreign policy debate's stirring exchanges droned home the point that these internationally challenging times require a re-affirmation of rudimentary strategic concepts that undergird a sound national security policy.

Debt threatens our national security

1:25 PM 01/10/2010

Given Christmas Day’s attempted terrorist bombing of a plane bound for my hometown of Detroit, Americans are concerned about their security.  Given the Obama Administration and its Democrat Congress’ fiscal irresponsibility, Americans are concerned about their prosperity and, indeed, their very sovereignty over their servant government.  For just as its refusal to recognize our security is through strength not surrender, the Left equally refuses to accept our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector.  The result is evident in record spending, deficits, debt, epidemic unemployment and a debt threat to our national security.