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Why The ‘End’ Of The Afghan War Is No Excuse To Release Terrorists

Thaddeus G. McCotter
Former Member of Congress
Undated image from video footage taken from a Taliban-affiliated website shows a man who says he is Private First Class Bowe R. Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier captured by the Taliban in southeastern Afghanistan in late June. The Afghan Taliban said on December 25, 2009 that they had issued a new video tape of Bergdahl and added that in it he asks his government to take part in a prisoner exchange deal. REUTERS via Reuters TV (CONFLICT CIVIL UNREST) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - RTR28CBI

President Obama's Bergdahl debacle is being defended on the grounds that the end of past wars have entailed the exchange of all prisoners. This is an errant argument, for three reasons.

Is ‘The D’ now ‘The Done’?

11:13 AM 07/19/2013

As Detroit’s state-appointed Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr discovered on the “scar-hopping” tour of blighted areas he took with the city’s creditors, it’s hard for outsiders to understand this city. Hell, it’s hard for Detroiters to understand it. Unfortunately, the nation’s largest bankruptcy will do little to ameliorate this and, in fact, will likely impede it.

If it weren’t for Woodrow Wilson, I’d be able to watch ‘Vegas’ on Tuesday night

6:07 PM 02/11/2013

It can take generations to determine a president’s full legacy. For even as heated debates over a president’s historical actions rage, new developments bring fresh perspectives and pronouncements on his sagacity or stupidity.

In Aeternum

9:27 PM 12/02/2012

At night the soldiers slept, the prisoners prayed and the jungle shrieked with life.

National security for beginners

2:21 PM 10/24/2012

Amidst our nation's rightful focus on our struggling economy, Monday night's foreign policy debate's stirring exchanges droned home the point that these internationally challenging times require a re-affirmation of rudimentary strategic concepts that undergird a sound national security policy.