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The fight for spending cuts

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

In the coming weeks, you’ll continue to hear the same carefully poll-tested line from President Obama: We need a "balanced, responsible" approach to dealing with our debt problem. Unfortunately, what President Obama means by "balanced and responsible" is neither balanced nor responsible: He wants Washington to raise taxes immediately and propose long-term spending cuts, the type that have been proposed in the past but never seem to take effect. This "balanced, responsible" approach championed by President Obama, the left and sadly some Republicans is a major reason we’re $16.4 trillion in debt.

The only way to repeal Obamacare

5:58 PM 07/03/2012

Last week’s frustrating Supreme Court decision upholding President Obama’s individual mandate at least confirmed what we knew all along --- that President Obama’s health care plan is indeed one of the biggest tax increases in modern history. This tax will be paid primarily by middle class Americans who are already struggling to get by in the Obama economy.

Fighting for a better Wisconsin

6:30 PM 06/01/2012

In Hudson, Wisconsin this morning, local tea party leader Annette Olsen said it best, "The Madison unions thought they could just intimidate us. They thought wrong. Now, they have to fight on the issues and it's not working out for them."

Obama’s EPA urges more red tape

11:26 PM 05/30/2012

President Obama talks a good game on American exports, but his goal to double them by the end of the decade won’t amount to much if he doesn’t get his EPA out of the way. Right now, in the Pacific Northwest, the private sector is ready to put shovels in the ground and more than double the nation’s coal exports. Coal output in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana is increasing, and companies are trying to build export terminals to link increased domestic supply with burgeoning demand for electricity generation in China. This is the way the global energy market is supposed to work, and American workers and the economy will benefit when abundant American coal is sold to overseas buyers. That is, only if the federal government will let it happen.

President Obama’s health care law is unraveling

1:25 PM 02/29/2012

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care plan at the end of March, one of the president’s closest advisers has added to the weight of evidence that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is losing viability among lawmakers and the public.

Occupy Wall Street dead-ends while tea party movement marches on

3:02 PM 10/19/2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement is loud but limited. Compare its beginnings with the tea party’s. A month into the tea party’s existence, hundreds of thousands of Americans in thousands of towns and cities had joined the cause. Their message was crystal clear: bring back economic prosperity by cutting government spending and taxation, rolling back intrusive regulations and expanding individual freedom. The rule of law was respected as well.

How House Republicans can seize the moment

3:04 PM 02/01/2011

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives possesses a short window to maintain the support and good will of both independent voters and the grassroots Tea Party movement. In fact, they have one budget cycle -- from now until autumn -- to act.

Earmark victory shows power of one persistent voice

12:00 AM 03/16/2010

Sometimes we all wonder if one person can make a difference. I hear that question a lot at rallies and events—“Am I making a difference?”