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Catholic Bishops Encourage Obama’s Executive Action

5:16 PM 11/20/2014

Often at odds with the Obama administration over religious liberty, abortion, and gay marriage, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has come out on the president's side this month, pleased with his decision to act unilaterally on immigration, a move they've been encouraging for some time.

Treasury Department Embraces Chinese Mysticism

1:36 PM 11/20/2014

It's been less than a month since the political thrashing given the ruling party by the American people, and the government is already going off the rails. Like the noxious Roman Emperor Caracalla before him, the president is unilaterally redefining the immigration status of massive numbers of people, while the architect of his defining legislation has been outed as a man with nothing but contempt for those he supposedly serves.

De Blasio: Most Voters See Themselves As Victims

11:46 AM 11/19/2014

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he thinks that most voters do see themselves as victims Wednesday morning, and that Democrats lost big in the midterms because of their unwillingness to address income inequality.

The Media Really, Really Weren’t Expecting A Brownback Victory

2:25 PM 11/05/2014

The Kansas governor's race was a nailbiter all night, with Republican incumbent Sam Brownback neck and neck with his Democrat challenger Paul Davis right up until Davis conceded around midnight EST. Looking at recent media coverage leading up to the election, though, you never would've known that #KSgov was a race to watch, especially since so many talking heads heralded it as a referendum on conservative policies.