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NSA vote a sign of House GOP’s growing libertarianism

FILE - Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., is seen at the Republican Leadership Conference at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Mich., in this Sept. 24, 2011 file photo. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, File)

On Thursday, the day after the House narrowly rejected an amendment to the defense appropriations bill that would have cut funding to the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told reporters that he’s concerned the national counterterrorism debate is drifting in a libertarian direction -- a trend he thinks could endanger American lives.

Why I’m against gun control

9:40 AM 12/17/2012

I’m from California. I’m not an NRA member. I don’t own a gun, nor do any of my family members. I’ve never been hunting. I’ve only gone shooting once in my life (at a Daily Caller office retreat, incidentally). I’m not against gun-control laws on principle. And, frankly, I kind of like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Millennials: The demographic group Republicans should really be targeting

7:02 PM 11/17/2012

Ever since Barack Obama managed to easily win re-election despite running up nearly $6 trillion in debt in four years and presiding over the worst economic recovery since World War II, Republicans have been panicking. Some seem to have given up on politics entirely, convinced that their party is destined to lose election after election while the country drowns in a sea of debt, taxes, and regulation. Others are more optimistic, but warn that in order for the GOP to remain competitive at the national level without abandoning its conservative principles, it will need to make major inroads with minority voters --- particularly Hispanics, but also Asians and African-Americans.

Why bipartisan romances can work

11:48 PM 10/31/2012

Barbie Adler, the owner of a high-end Chicago matchmaking service, recently told the Wall Street Journal that 75% of her clients refuse to date people who belong to a different political party than they do, up from 25% in past election cycles. Meanwhile, 40% of Americans now say they would be “upset” if their children married a member of the opposite party, up from about 20% in 2008 and about 5% in 1960.

Ten questions for ‘Lizard King’ co-author Jamie Weinstein

12:49 AM 10/15/2012

Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein is the co-author --- along with Daily Caller Deputy Editor Will Rahn --- of “The Lizard King” (HarperCollins), a partially fictionalized account of President Obama’s origins that was released as an e-book on Oct. 9. I recently sat down with Weinstein to discuss his new book. The dialogue has been edited for clarity.

Why overturning Roe v. Wade would barely lower the abortion rate

3:31 PM 09/15/2012

In 1973, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Roe v. Wade. In the 39 years since, that decision has revolutionized American politics, driving culturally conservative voters out of the Democratic Party and culturally liberal voters into it. It’s responsible for a good deal of the polarization in Washington today. And yet, overturning the decision would have a surprisingly small effect on the nationwide abortion rate.

In praise of Jonathan Krohn

4:05 PM 07/03/2012

Jonathan Krohn, the Georgia boy who gave a short speech at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference, is taking a lot of heat in the wake of a Politico piece about his evolution from a tween conservative to a teenage liberal. Conservative critics are calling him an “asshole,” a “douche” and even “a young David Brock.” They’re off-base.

Is the GOP really the party of fiscal responsibility?

9:59 PM 04/18/2012

For decades, the federal budget deficit has been a strong issue for Republicans because voters believe that Republicans are more likely than Democrats to balance budgets. That’s why Mitt Romney is hoping that the large budget deficits of the past five years will weigh heavily on voters’ minds in November, while President Obama is hoping that voters will instead focus on issues like his contraception mandate and the membership policies of Georgia country clubs.

Lower the voting age to 11

10:31 AM 03/06/2012

I’ve always found it interesting that our society denies children the vote even though they’re the ones with the most at stake in our elections. After all, they have the longest left to live.

Constitution-less conservatives

1:03 PM 09/02/2011

The U.S. Constitution is the tea party movement’s sacred text. No tea party rally ends without some speaker (or several) extolling the Constitution and condemning Obamacare for violating it. Sarah Palin has a picture of the 224-year-old document on her tour bus. And in January, at tea partiers’ behest, the 112th Congress opened with a reading of it.

What a difference nine years makes

9:53 PM 07/26/2011

In June 2002, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report on the federal government’s long-term budget outlook. The report predicted that federal spending, which had hovered around 20% of GDP since World War II, would reach 23.8% of GDP in 2040, 30% of GDP in the late 2050s and 40% of GDP --- double the postwar average --- around 2075.

Stop focusing on the unemployment rate

10:45 AM 06/15/2011

The media often looks to the unemployment rate for clues about the economy’s health. If the unemployment rate is high, the economy is weak; if it’s low, the economy is strong. If the unemployment rate is dropping, the economy is improving; if it’s climbing, the economy is getting worse. The current unemployment rate is 9.1% (which is high), but it’s down from a peak of 10.1% a year and a half ago (an improvement). That’s why the media consensus is that the economy is weak but gradually getting stronger.

Why isn’t there a center-right Slate?

4:58 PM 06/10/2011

I can name a lot of liberal pop-culture blogs and magazines. My favorite is probably Slate. I don’t have a favorite conservative pop-culture blog or magazine, though. Perhaps that’s because so few conservative pop-culture blogs and magazines exist. In fact, one of the most obvious differences between the universe of liberal commentary and the universe of conservative commentary is that cultural analysis pervades the former but is almost absent from the latter.