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WH revokes defense authorization veto threat, detention provisions remain

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney briefs reporters at the White House in Washington, Monday, Oct. 3, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

After days of intense, closed-door negotiations with members of both chambers in Congress, the White House released an official statement Wednesday declaring that the president's senior advisers would not recommend that he veto the National Defense Authorization Act, despite previous warnings to the contrary.

White House changes tone on detainee provisions, reiterates veto threat

5:04 PM 12/10/2011

In a striking departure from the White House's official statement on its opposition the detainee provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan told NPR that placing American citizens suspected of terrorist activity in military custody would infringe on their rights and make diplomatic outreach overseas more difficult.

Issa: Holder protecting staff despite ‘Fast and Furious’ mistakes

11:06 AM 12/08/2011

In anticipation of Attorney General Eric Holder's testimony today before the House Judiciary Committee, California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa wrote an op-ed in USA Today accusing Holder of protecting his staff despite admissions that Operation Fast and Furious was "fundamentally flawed."

Congress was unaware of $7.77 trillion in secret Fed loans ahead of TARP vote

12:02 AM 12/01/2011

The Federal Reserve doled out a staggering 7.77 trillion dollars in secret loans in an effort to stabilize banks during the  financial crisis -- cheap money from the public purse that the banks subsequently lent out at higher rates for a profit of $13 billion dollars, Bloomberg News reports.

Senate blocks attempt to remove language allowing indefinite military detention for terror suspects

1:38 PM 11/28/2011

The Senate has rejected an attempt to remove language from the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the administration to place terror suspects in military detention indefinitely.

The ‘super committee’ circus: Much ado about nothing?

4:50 PM 11/15/2011

Recent reports suggest that the Joint Congressional Committee on Deficit Reduction -- the so-called super committee -- is on a crash course with failure.

Oregon senator, tech think tank engage on GPS tracking case

5:10 PM 11/09/2011

Following Tuesday's dramatic Supreme Court arguments during which Justice Stephen Breyer described the warrantless government GPS tracking of criminal suspects in Orwellian terms, other voices have begun to emerge in opposition to the policy.

Constituents get a lot more than a ‘Cup of Joe’ as Rep. Walsh loses it

10:59 AM 11/09/2011

Republican congressman Joe Walsh had a bit of a meltdown during a meeting with constituents in a Chicago suburb on Sunday. Although the "Cup of Joe with Joe Walsh" event covered a wide variety of topics, Rep. Walsh, a tea party favorite, apparently got testy with one gentleman in the audience who steered the conversation toward big banks.

Supreme Court justice: Warrantless GPS tracking ‘sounds like 1984′

8:14 PM 11/08/2011

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in United States v. Jones, a case that will determine whether the government has the right to use GPS devices to track the locations of criminal suspects without a warrant.

Second Cain accuser is Obama administration communications pro

11:31 AM 11/08/2011

The iPad-only news outlet The Daily has revealed the identity of one of the women who, according to Politico, accused presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure as CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

October job numbers provide little reason for White House optimism

3:08 PM 11/04/2011

With October job numbers falling far below what economists had expected, it has become likely that President Obama could enter the general election next year with the country facing the highest unemployment levels of the post-war era, according to The Associated Press.

Grassley vows ‘all necessary action’ to prevent weakening of FOIA

5:57 PM 11/02/2011

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder last week, denouncing a proposed revision to the Freedom Of Information Act that would instruct government agencies to deny the existence of requested records even if the records actually do exist.

Critics: Obama’s college aid plan increases tuition costs, hurts students

11:13 PM 10/28/2011

Amid plummeting approval numbers and "Occupy" protesters' growing outcry against onerous student debt, President Obama has announced a plan to circumvent Congress and modify the federal student loan program unilaterally.

The nation’s capital: DC now richest metro area

10:09 AM 10/20/2011

Although the growing "Occupy" movement has clearly set its sights on New York's financial district, which it sees as a symbol of growing income inequality and the disproportionate political influence of the "1%," recent Census data suggests that their anger at "the rich" should be directed at the nation's capital.

Obama reelection campaign sets sights on Romney

5:11 PM 10/12/2011

In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, Obama senior campaign strategist David Axelrod launched an attack against Mitt Romney, indicating that the president's campaign has set its sights on the former Massachusetts Governor as the eventual Republican nominee.

Continental Tire passes on North Carolina, opens plant in South Carolina

5:11 PM 10/10/2011

North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue took another hit last week when Continental Tire announced that it had decided to abandon its plans to set up a plant in her state, opting instead to take its business to South Carolina. (RELATED: Obama works to keep North Carolina blue)

Justice Dept. files emergency appeal to block Alabama immigration law

2:45 PM 10/10/2011

After a federal judge in Alabama refused to halt key provisions of the state's controversial immigration law last week, the Department of Justice filed an emergency appeal Friday with the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to stop the law from being enforced.

Ron Paul warns journalists: You could be next on Obama’s ‘kill list’

11:04 AM 10/07/2011

At a recent luncheon at the National Press Club, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul warned journalists that they could be placed on a "kill list" should the government deem them a threat to national security.

56-year-old cancer survivor ‘disappointed’ with Obama, walks 200 miles to join ‘Occupy DC’ protests

4:30 PM 10/05/2011

When Barack Obama ran for president, 56-year-old Carrie Stone thought things would be different. She thought she was supporting a candidate who would bring real change.