Ask a Drone

Satire | Will Rahn
A MQ-9 Reaper answers questions from Daily Caller readers in a new advice column

How the Catholic Church will pick its new pope [VIDEO]

Video | Will Rahn
A short video explains the process

TheDC Morning: A fun new way to punish kids

TheDC Morning | Will Rahn
An Idaho lawmaker wants to force all the kids in his state to read Ayn Rand

Furious conservative leaders call for staffer's head after he dares criticize 'beloved' Brent Bozell

Politics | Will Rahn
Letter demands firing of American Crossroads aide, calls Bozell 'critically important figure in American history'

Dear Chuck Hagel

Satire | Will Rahn
The Defense Secretary nominee debuts his new Daily Caller advice column

New Jersey Democratic Sen. says 'it's too bad' if Menendez is guilty

Politics | Will Rahn
Lautenberg: 'If there are infractions as they are reported, it’s too bad'

Gun-friendly states attempting to lure Remington from New York

Gun Laws & Legislation | Will Rahn
Arms manufacturer 'examining its options' in wake of new gun control law

Bloomberg praises Biden's 'balls'

US | Will Rahn
'He says what he believes'

Obama gives up on closing Gitmo

Politics | Will Rahn
Man 'tasked with turning into a reality the president's promise to close Guantanamo' is reassigned

Obama suggests he goes skeet shooting 'all the time'

Guns and Gear | Will Rahn
President says he regularly fires guns with guests at Camp David

Listen to LBJ's last conversation with Richard Nixon [AUDIO]

Politics | Will Rahn
Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson's death

White House staff: Our petition website sure is dumb, huh?

Politics | Will Rahn
'Sometimes, I find myself thinking, 'My God, what have we done?''

Cuomo's new gun law does not exempt New York cops

Gun Laws & Legislation | Will Rahn
'What they did is disarm the good guys and make sure the bad guys outgun them'

Schumer throws his weight behind Hagel

Politics | Will Rahn
Once ambivalent, powerful Dem says he will now support Obama's SecDef pick

Report: Obama to nominate Lew for Treasury

Politics | Will Rahn
Lew is currently Obama's chief of staff

Chuck Hagel defends his record on Israel, Iran

Politics | Will Rahn
Secretary of defense nominee hits back at critics

Hoax article detailing fake war stayed up on Wikipedia for five years

Tech | Will Rahn
It was voted a 'good article' by Wikipedia’s readers

House kills Sandy relief bill amid fiscal cliff vote

Politics | Will Rahn
UPDATE: NY Rep. King indicates he may bolt GOP over Sandy bill

Cory Booker falls to earth: NYT discovers that Newark still sucks under celebrity mayor

Politics | Will Rahn
Potential Christie challenger and rising Dem star gets flak for poor governing

Former Republican senator said to be Obama's top pick to replace Panetta

Politics | Will Rahn
Chuck Hagel, known for his criticism of the Iraq War, may be nominated for defense secretary next month

TheDC Morning: It's time for some real news

TheDC Morning | Will Rahn
Was it Paula Broadwell or Jill Kelley who looked better with a philandering general on her arm?

No More Nancy? GOP widely expected to keep House

Elections | Will Rahn
Minority Leader Pelosi keeps lips sealed on whether shell still lead Dems

Will Joe Biden end up being Mitt Romney's VP?

Elections | Will Rahn
The election may not end as soon as we'd all like

Romney aides take aim at CNN's Crowley after debate

Politics | Will Rahn
Sununu on moderator's performance: 'She was terrible'

The Jack Ryan Files: One man's playbook for defeating state Sen. Barack Obama

Elections | Will Rahn
Oppo-research brings to light the most exhaustive study of Obama's voting record before he came to Washington, D.C.

State Department officer says 'holding down the fort' is racist

Politics | Will Rahn
Foggy Bottom's Chief Diversity Officer objects to your apparently offensive everyday phrases

Embattled GOP Senate candidate refuses to drop out

Politics | Will Rahn
'We're going to continue with this race for the U.S. Senate'

Meet Matthew Scully, Paul Ryan's vegan speechwriter

Elections | Will Rahn
Scully, a renowned former speechwriter for George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, has been tapped to help Ryan connect with his audience

Bloomberg calls on Obama, Romney to get tough on guns

Gun Laws & Legislation | Will Rahn
NYC mayor says candidates should 'tell us how' they would address gun violence in America

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