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USA Shooting’s Wonderful Olympic Women

4:40 PM 03/02/2016

With Rio in Sight, we are launching a bi-weekly article series that will showcase the Wonderful Olympic Women (WOW) that will be representing all female shooting sports enthusiasts this August and September in Rio de Janeiro.

NEW! Women’s Outdoor News Podcast Episode 1

4:13 PM 05/29/2015

In this inaugural episode of Women’s Outdoor News podcast (The WON), Barbara Baird and Stacy Bright discuss the news, reviews and stories from the past week — featuring women who hunt, fish, shoot and enjoy outdoor lives of adventure. With a theme of “bringing up baby — outside,” Barbara interviews Mia Anstine, who is a columnist, editor, outdoor guide, outfitter and more, about how she’s been raising her daughter for 16 years to enjoy the outdoors.