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      Will Swift

      Will Swift has written for more than twenty years on American leaders and British royalty of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is the author of The Roosevelts and the Royals and The Kennedys Amidst the Gathering Storm. A dynamic public speaker, Dr. Swift has been interviewed about political, presidential, and royal history on prominent radio stations across the country. He has been a featured speaker at presidential libraries and on CSPAN. He is also a founding board member of the Biographers International Organization. Dr. Swift has been in private practice as a clinical psychologist and marital therapist in Manhattan for more than thirty years. Visit him on the web at WillSwift.com and

How Julie Eisenhower And Tricia Cox Tried To Protect The President During The Watergate Crisis

              FILE - In this April 29, 1974, file photo, President Richard M. Nixon points to the transcripts of the White House tapes after he announced during a nationally-televised speech that he would turn over the transcripts to House impeachment investigators, in Washington. The last 340 hours of tapes from Nixon's White House were released Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013, along with more than 140,000 pages of text materials. (AP Photo/File)

As soon as the June 1972 break-in to the office of the Democratic National Committee IDNC) at the Watergate Hotel and Office Building hit the news media that summer, according to David Eisenhower he, Julie, and Tricia "smelled danger in how the Nixon campaign was handling it." For the next two years Julie and Tricia, seasoned and efficient administration advocates, broke precedent among presidential daughters by spending hours in the public eye defending their father in an attempt to defuse one of the most damaging political crises ever to threaten the nation’s chief executive.

Poll shows Pat Nixon’s accomplishments as First Lady are still overshadowed by Watergate

11:52 AM 03/13/2014

The Siena College Research Institute collaborated with C-SPAN and The White House Historical Association to conduct its fifth comprehensive survey of the reputations of the First Ladies of the United States. The poll sampled two hundred forty two historians, political scientists and published authors who were questioned using mail and online interviews last fall and released over President’s Day weekend, in February 2014.

Celebrating Pat and Dick on Valentine’s Day

9:29 AM 02/14/2014

When Dick Nixon and Pat Ryan met at a community theater play rehearsal on January 18, 1938, he found that he “could not take my eyes away from her.” He drove her and a friend home that night and asked her for a date. She turned him down with a curt, “I’m busy.” But he continued to pursue her, and when he announced, “Someday I’m going to marry you,” she laughed at him.